10 programs every programmer should make at least once in their life.


Programming needs a lot of practice. There are many ways of practicing your coding skills. A true programmer always does practice and make programs. This is the most asked question between programmers that what are some programs which you should make at least once in your life.

I will cover this topic by considering two type of programmers – 1.) Newbie and 2.) Expert. So let’s move to our topic.

For a Newbie Programmer

1.) Hello world program

This program should not be in this list but it is necessary that a programmer has made this program once in a life. Hello world program is the first building block of your programming life. I think the person who is reading this article has already made this program, so let’s move to the next one.

2.) Get input from user through a form

It is also a simple program but important to understand the basic of input from the user as a newbie programmer.

3.) A calculator

This is really a must do program for a newbie programmer which shows you the power of computer. It depends upon you how complex can you make a calculator. Calculator for Fahrenheit to Celsius is easy to make while a calculator for trigonometry is difficult.

4.) A random number generator

You may be heard about random.org. On this website, you have to enter any number between one to hundred and it will show a random number. Make a program related to this.

5.) A good looking GUI

We learn programming to make Softwares. GUI is the basic building block to make a software. After practice and learning a lot of programming language, you should make a GUI.

Now, if you are a pro programmer then you should make the following programs at least once.

6.) Make a calendar

Try to build a calendar in which if a user enters that date then the day of the week should come. It is too interesting program.

7.) Extracting long strings.

A program through which you can extract emails and phone number in a string from user.

8.) Graph of sorting comparison

Make programs for sorting such as bubble sort and merge sort. It is not a program, the program is to apply these programs to make a program and Plot the runtime of these two program cases on a graph represented by two lines.

9.) Binary Search

Build simple binary search tree program such as Red Black tree.

10.) Tower of Hanoi

Bonus program: Try to make Tower of Hanoi. In this program, you have to take N from the user and find the movies required to transfer and from one Tower to other as output. Read Wiki of Tower of Hanoi to understand this program more.

So now as I have told you the basic programs you should make at least once in your life then why are you wasting your time. Go and Code.

Happy Coding.

Source: Quora


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