4 Best Rugged laptop: Laptops that builts with a military grade.

Rugged laptop

As we seen in many Hollywood actions and Sci-fi movies, the laptops used in these types of movies seems to come from another planet, they are so bulky, so protected like a military vehicle covered with many types of armors. Many Black Hat hackers of Hollywood movies also use these types of laptops, and this is used in the latest Fast and Furious movie too. These kinds of tough type of laptops are known as Rugged laptop and all rugged laptops nowadays look like something Fred Flintstone would be comfortable using while hauling rocks.

They all are made for tough work conditions where normal laptops are useless like construction workers, military pros and extreme outdoor enthusiasts will be able to purchase a rugged laptop that perfectly blends robustness and elegance.

They don’t come cheap, but the high price tag is worth for a machine that won’t give into rain or a dunk in a river; a device that will fall from great heights without a drop in performance, a gadget that will keep going on no matter what you throw at it.


Dell is the company of making amazing laptops for an affordable price point but this model is different from all the models manufactured by DELL. The Latitude E6420 XFR is 14-inch, with i5 or i7 chips, change hard drives with 6 feet of a drop test, ip65 dust and water resistance with a magnesium-alloy body, apparently made of ballistic armor.

And is as rugged as they come. And there’s a touchscreen variant available too. Unfortunately, the battery life isn’t great, but something like BatteryCare can help extend that.

The second in the list is the Getac B300, it is also one of the best-rugged laptop ever made. It has the latest 6th generation Intel R Skylake Core. i5 or i7 processors with a 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.4 Ghz having Intel HD Graphics 520.

It has a feature of 1400 NITs QuadraClear touch display comes with Window 10 Security, fingerprint scanner, Smart Card Reader, NFC/RFIC Reader, 4G LTE, switches to Night Vision mode full readability with night vision goggles without an external filter and vehicle ready.

The Panasonic Toughbook 31 was engineered to meet the highest military standards and certifications. Drops, shocks, slams and intense vibrations mean nothing to it. It can survive in the worst environment conditions including 70mph winds with blowing rain.

It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, delivering high-end graphics. It comes with a nice backlit keyboard, a pressure sensitive touchpad, and a convenient stylus.

The General Dynamics GD8000 is a surprisingly light notebook considering its ruggedness. This rugged laptop has a serial port, three USB ports and a port for external video, it has the connectivity of 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS or having extra antennas.

It also having a storage of 160 gigs. It does have some powerful security features, including TPM 1.2 Network Security Standard, integrated CAC reader, integrated fingerprint reader, security lock slot and a removable hard drive.

These all are the toughest laptops you can use, these are impressive units & exceptional solutions for people that need an indestructible and reliable piece of hardware under extreme circumstances. And they do make the grade if you tend to drop, kick, bump, or just put your notebook through out of the ordinary paces under hard hitting conditions.


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