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Science has revolutionized our world in an immense way and its impact could be witnessed in every single thing that we do. Starting from that of the AI-learning body, science has demonstrated its potential in every field. The latest science events and inventions show the actually development of the world and how the nation have been advancing over the years. With education being the front-face of every individual, a logical mind when blended with creativity with reason, ultimately seems to raise an invention.

Being a keen lover of science, I keep researching about the latest inventions, discoveries and events in this genre, and today, I would love to list them before you over here:

Three Dimensional Metal Printing

Though the concept of 3D Printing has been around for some decades, this was mostly common among the designers and the hobbyists. However, these days, designs and elements are not only being drafted on paper, wood or plastic, but they are also being crafted over metals. The mass production of such items have enhances the rate of adoption of such artistically ventures. Thus, with the invention of this technology, creators are now able to manufacture metal objects faster and easier and that too, at inexpensive prices. This technology has not only proved to be helpful for small and large factories but at the same time it has improvised the preview control of the manufacturers to deal with the micro-structure of the metals.

Artificial Embryos

This invention has banged the whole world of science with a new definition of being able to create life. Embryologists working at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom has proved it possible. They have been successful in creating life without an egg or a sperm but just the stem cells. This has definitely emerged a new route towards the process of creating a life. The researchers kept on observing the cells in a three dimensional scaffold to see how it lines up to form an embryo of mouse that is a few days old. This has paved the way to witness the potential of stem cells once again.

Artificial Intelligence

So far, Artificial Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI was only known as the plaything for big brands and companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Baidu and many other big heads. However, before the trend came up, this was really a tough deal for the smaller companies to implement. Also, the expense was too high for smaller heads to bear. However, with the availability of cloud based AI, the technology gave a really good boost to the economy since the service started becoming available easily and at a much cheaper price. Machine learning tools have provided a greater boost to the audience by introducing AI at a bigger platform. This could be visible from the way companies are taking up their business to a completely different level. Microsoft, that had its own AI based cloud platform, Azure now made its bond with Amazon to offer Gluon, which is the name of an open source library. The real AI revolution will begin once every individual becomes aware of the technology. Even today, not so many people actually have a knowledge about it. Big companies are also putting up consultancy services and we expect more and more people to learn about its existence in the real world.

Genetic Fortune Telling

Well, certainly this is a real out-of-the-box invention in the genetic world. With this invention before the eyes, we see more and more people today to come up with their fortunes already being predicted. Scientists are now being able to predict your future by using your genome and you get to see all your future issues known to you beforehand just because your DNA report card will foretell each and every single detail that may happen to you in your neat future. Experts will be able to tell you if you have got any possible chances to suffer from heart disorder or Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and any other ailments. They can also count your average IQ. Before babies will be born, this can help the parents know about their to-be child’s health prospects and advance them by several foots. However, at the same time, this may also enhance the risk of genetic discrimination.

InSight Probe – Harvest Data on Mars

NASA did launch their InSight Probe on 5 May, landing on Mars in late November. This was “the first mission that was dedicated to investigate the deep interior of Mars”, as reported by a NASA press release. The mission has been made on a collaboration between the NASA and the Centre National d’Études Spatiales, France’s space agency. The InSight rover has been equipped with an advanced equipment, that was particularly meant to be used foe surveying the geology of Mars as well as to detect processes that are meant to be involved in the formation of the terrestrial planet. Besides, they were also capable of reading the temperature of the planet, Mars.

Materials’ Quantum Leap

This is surely a great advancement in the health sector. By using a seven-qubit quantum computer, IBM has successfully managed to stimulate the electronic structure of a small molecule. This would rather help the chemists to prepare more effective drugs as they would be aware of the exact details of a molecule. Chemists have been researching really hard to come up with new proteins to make drugs and more efficient solar cells. Also, they are looking for techniques through which they would be able to find novel electrolytes for making better batteries.

All these events and inventions in the field of science has truly helped the world to take a step ahead in improving itself across all dimensions. Not just in the field of health and technology, but the space world as well as the improvements in the technical world have taken a step to shape our living.


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