Single Camera vs Dual Camera.Dual Camera Phones.Compare


    Dual cameras get a fame after the launching of iPhone 7 plus  , But iPhone is not the first phone which has dual Cameras.There are many others phone in the market which has dual Camera.So here, I will tell you about the Dual Camera Phones and  Single Camera vs Dual Camera.

    Single Camera vs Dual Camera Phones: Old Dual Cameras Phone

    If I ask you the names of Dual Cameras Smartphone then you will tell iPhone 7 plus or Huawei P9 or LG G5 or you can say HTC M8 , all these phones are recently launched but the reality is that in 2011 HTC and LG launched first Dual Camera Phone,The phones were HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D. In Both these phones you were getting a dual Rear Camera to capture 3D videos and photos and the display of phones was also 3D which enhance our 3d experience.

    Then After this, we get HTC M8  in 2014 then we get LG G5, Huawei P9,Honor 6+ and now,Honor 8 & iPhone 7+

    What are the changes in Dual Cameras from then to now?

    If we talk about HTC Evo 3D or LG Optimus 3D , the both cameras in it are same with same MP count,Same sensors & same lens, there is only a change of alignment of cameras which used to help in capturing 3D photos & videos.

    But if talk about LG V20 or LG G5,the both rear cameras are different.One Camera is main primary Camera and  in another camera, you get wide angle lens which helps you to capture wide-angle shots.

    If we talk about HTC M8, the second rear camera is used for depth-sensing means the primary rear camera is of 4  Ultra pixel and Secondary is 2 megapixel which helps to capture only depth information of the image. Simply we can say it only focus object and blur the background.Example image is given below

    Single Camera vs Dual Camera Phones

    Now if we talk about latest Huawei Honor 8 ,here the sensors in both rear cameras are different.Primary Sensor is a standard color sensor and secondary sensor is of same MP,same lens & of the same size but this sensor is Black & White means this sensor capture only B&W images and due to this the dynamic range is good, a good image can capture in low light and etc and if you mix this information with Primary Camera then you will get an awesome image.

    Single Camera vs Dual Camera Phones


    And now let’s talk about iPhone 7 plus. Here the camera is totally different,here one camera has 28 mm lens and other has 56 mm lens means overall due to this you can take 2X optical zoom without any loss of image quality.

    Single Camera vs Dual Camera Phones

    What is its Future and How it is better than Single Camera?

    Dual Camera is really the future of Smartphone’s camera.Basically,it is better than single camera because it enhances the quality of your image and gives you  feelings like a real photographer.

    Dual Camera has many advantages in future and most probably we can see it in Galaxy S8 and many upcoming budget phones also.

    So Let’s know your views in comments below


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