Snapchat Hack.Make your friends jealous from your snaps.Hidden Tricks


Nowadays, Sharing a Photo with your friends or fans has become popular.First, this trend became popular from Instagram and Now Snapchat earning a lot from this trend.Downloads of this app Snapchat increasing day by day.Know about some Snapchat hidden features or we can say a complete Snapchat hack.

The snapchat hack is a difficult hack or we can say an impossible one but some Snapchat app features which are very rare make you one of the snapchat account user who hacks snapchat server.

Snapchat Hack

1.) Call anyone from Snapchat

Snapchat has a feature of Video call or voice call.To start calling, you have the click phone icon for voice call and video icon for the live face to face chatting.How Cool is that? If this feature is not rare then we use this for voice and video calling over data usage then WhatsApp voice or video call.

snapchat hack

Maybe, this feature hasn’t given you a feeling of a spy who hack account.But next hacks will blow your mind

2.) Blowing hack: Two filters at a time 

Sending a snap with one filter is common.Sending snap with a colorful filter, speed telling filter or temperature telling filter etc.

But Did you ever try two filters at a time.For this Take a Snap and Swipe left to add one filter and now for the second filter put your finger on the screen and swipe left for another filter.

This method is applicable to video snap also.Make you video Slow, Rewind or fast and add another filter by this method.


3.) Save Data Usage By Travel Mode

When there is no data in your device and you want to watch snaps of your dear ones then for this Snapchat has a feature of TravelMode. You can activate it by Settings<Manage Preferences<Click on Travel Mode

snapchat hack

4.) Know the music behind any Snap Video

This feature is the latest and cool feature of Snapchat which will make you a boss of songs after telling any name.If you heard about Shazam app then this feature will not make you happy but yes, this can save the space of your phone.

Just hold the camera screen for some seconds which is front of any playing song sound.And you get the answer that what song is playing.

Snapchat Hack

These hacks are not related to account hack.Making a Hacked account of snapchat is impossible. White hat hackers who love to hacks apps to find faults are eagerly waiting for errors in Snapchat.

The final words from me is that if your Snapchat or any working social media passwords are strong then no one can spy your accounts.

Happy Snapping!!


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