Steve Jobs hatred to this Microsoft employee was the reason of birth of iPhone.


    Steve Jobs was one of the greatest Tech Giants ever came in the History of Technology. Steve Jobs company Apple has created many landmarks in the tech industry which include MacBook, MacOS, iPhone iPad etc. Apple always used to come with new ideas in the history and they are trying to maintain this legacy yet.

    Many few peoples know that iPhone was not the creation for the change in tech but a creation of hatred towards a Microsoft’s employee.

    This thing is revealed by Scott Forstall, co-inventor of iPhone in the 10th-anniversary celebration of the release of iPhone.

    He did not reveal the name of that employee but that employee was the spouse of Laurene Powell Jobs‘s friend. Laurene Powell Jobs was the wife of Steve jobs. As that employee and Steve Jobs had almost same social circles that’s why they used to meet each other in different events.

    As he was a Microsoft employee that’s why some hate was only in the heart of Jobs.

    One day in a party, Microsoft employee told Steve Jobs that the Tech giant Microsoft was able to tackle the problem of tablets and PC.

    That employees stated that the upcoming tablets would be a smaller version of Windows PCs and would be working with the help of a stylus.

    That word “stylus” got stuck in the mind of Steve. He made a device which could be work without a stylus.

    If you remembered the live conference of first iPhone then you might be noticed that Steve Jobs called stylus as a stupid object. If you have not watched the first iPhone release video then watch it here.

    So this is all about how iPhone came through a hatred.


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