How to Get down your Stolen Phone by tracking IMEI Number?


Finding phone after getting stolen is always a headache. You have to pinch your mind to find your stolen phone or secure your data from your stolen phone. Many users suffer from this problem but can’t handle this. But you are here, I can assure you that you don’t have to move your ass to find your phone. Just follow the simple steps which I am giving you in this post to find your stolen phone.

But before move further in this post, I want to ask you 1 questions i.e. why you want to find your phone?

If you are worried about the cost of the phone, them it is logical not a big deal. But what is more important to you? Your phone or your important data.

If you prefer your data more then this post will help you a lot. Otherwise, don’t loose your hope, I will tell you the best way to find your stolen phone.

What is an IMEI number?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit code that’s unique to your device.

If you want to know your IMEI, type “*#06#” on your phone’s call screen.

 IMEI is also placed on the back side of your phone or in the battery compartments of your phone after opening the panel.

How can you find IMEI for your Stolen Phone?


1.) Open Google Dashboard. Enter your email and password. You have to enter your email that you use on your android phone to configure all the settings and then you’ll visit your google dashboard page.

2.) Now on the main page, there is a lot of information regarding everything that is related to your google account. Now under the android settings, you will see the number of devices that you have used from this account. It has a complete list of all the devices that you have used and once you click on it, it expands and you will see all the devices used by your email.

stolen phone

3.) Now you will see, it will give the name of the latest device along with the information like IMEI No., Manufacturer, Operator etc. and it will also give you the last activity that it has been used.

iOS:  The same trick works here, the only limitation for an iOS user is that the trick only works if you have created a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. Now if you have ever created a local backup of your iPhone. Now on iTunes, just press the alt key, you will see the menu bar. Now just click on edit and then click on preferences.

Now you will see a general tab, you will see many options there. Now click on the devices tab, here you will see device backups like all iPhones that have been backed up to this particular system using iTunes. Now once you hover your mouse on any particular backup, it will give you the IMEI number along with the serial number of that device.

Finding the Stolen Phone

Android: On the page of Google Dashboard in Android options you will see “Manage Active Devices”. Now if your device is switched on and is connected to a 3G/LTE or a wifi network, it can be helpful to track it down.

Now you just need to tap on “Manage Active Devices” and it will give you the options i.e. Ring, Lock and Erase. If your device is able to reach it to a wifi or 3G/LTE network then you can actually Ring your device and even lock it remotely and then you will see it on a Map that will help you to locate.

stolen phone

iOS: Now to locate your iOS device on a Map using the 3G/LTE or wifi network, you will have to open the iCloud and log in with your iCloud’s credentials.

If it finds my phone turned on, you just need to click on it and it will locate your device. It takes some time to locate your device on the map. Once the device is located on the map, you will click on the “i” option that you see near it. There you will see options like Play Sound, Lost Mode, Erase iPhone etc.

Wrap Up

Did You find your phone? I don’t know How much it helps you.The thing I know that I helped you.You can erase your personal info from your device or if you are lucky then you can find your phone.


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