Top 10 Gadgets, Tools and Apps That Made Writers’ Life Easier

Top 10 Gadgets, Tools and Apps That Made Writers' Life Easier

Writers are busy people, who struggle to cope with the growing workload. They work days and nights trying to stay productive and creative at the same time.

Fortunately, the world of technologies is developing pretty fast and engineers annually create new gadgets, tools, and apps to make a writer’s life easier. If you want to know which “digital helpers” available in the market are today, check the following list.

Must-Have Gadgets

Noise Canceling Headphones

Most of the writers find it difficult to concentrate on the job while working in the noisy offices. Luckily, there are a lot of high-quality headphones, which can help to solve this problem. When a writer puts them on, he can work on a masterpiece creation listening to the favorite music.

Moreover, noise canceling headphones is a must-have gadget for people, who work from home. They help to enjoy the writing process, even when the neighbors repair pipes or try to calm down a crying baby.

LiveScribe Pen

LiveScribe Pen looks like a gadget from the movies about James Bond. This futuristic pen digitally records both: the writing and the voice. So, when you use this device, you can simultaneously create a hard copy, electronic copy, and audio copy of the text.

There is no room for a doubt, that this gadget will turn the world of the writers, who prefer to use pen and paper, upside down. Using MyScribe software, storytellers will stop wasting their precious time typing.

Moleskin Smart Set

Moleskine Smart Set includes a smart notebook made of paper and a USB-charged pen with a secret camera and voice recorder. Users of this modern gadget can create digital files writing text on real paper.

With the help of the Moleskin app, a writer can easily convert his handwriting into different fonts and colors. App allows saving a file as PDF and sharing it online.

Must-Use Tools

Google Translate

Writers, who work with the foreign texts, can’t perform their job without a reliable online translator. Google Translate is the most advanced tool in this niche.

It not only translates a word but also explains its meaning and demonstrates a few examples of its usage. Moreover, this tool allows saving new words to a Phrasebook and accessing them in one click, when necessary.


This is a tool, which helps to automatically check the text for grammar and stylistic mistakes. Grammarly instantly finds errors and provides a few suggestions on how to fix them.

This tool is also available in a form of Chrome’s extension, which allows revising sentences in the browser. So, writers can check correctness not only of their text files but also emails and private messages.

Must-Install Apps


This is an extremely useful app for content creators. Hemingway helps to check readability and find the basic mistakes.

It automatically calculates the number of the adverbs and the sentences written in passive voice. Also, it points out the sentences which are hard to read and very hard to read, so a writer can easily identify what part of the text he should rewrite. Hemingway App is available for desktops and smartphones.

Omni Outliner

Omni Outliner is a user-friendly app for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, which allows creating and editing outlines. Writers can use this app to note the ideas and organize them into the article form.

Omni Outliner allows saving draft as a separate file in a variety of formats including Excel. It has a dark mode, resource search, column width improvements, and other useful features.


JotterPad is a great writing app for Android users. It can be used as a scratchpad, which is always within your reach. Writers enjoy such features as universal phrase finder, dark theme, snapshots, night vision, and typewriter scrolling.

In Conclusion

There is no room for a doubt that modern gadgets, tools, and apps made a writer’s life easier. Emerging technologies promise to bring even more positive changes, so you should keep watching the trends. It’s time to delegate repetitive tasks to the machines and writing services and to focus on the creative process.

Steven Mehler is an editor at Top Writers Review. He is a master in English literature and a bachelor in computer science. He loves to explore new technologies, which can change the world for the better. When he has free time, he watches sci-fi movies and writes short detective novels.


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