Top 10 insanely best YouTube Tricks to blow your mind

youtube tricks

Surfing on YouTube during using the web is a very common task.Everyone surfs YouTube to meet their requirement regarding videos.But Everything has some secrets or tricks.So here I am going to talk about some insanely best YouTube Tricks which makes you Einstein of YouTube.

I am providing you tricks which are working on YouTube in March 2017. So I hope all YouTube Tricks will work.


Top 10 YouTube Tricks

  1. Controlling Videos by keys

    Don’t think that I am going to tell you the best trick at the starting.If Apple reveals phone like iPhone 5s or 6 at first then No one will buy old iPhones.

    So at first, I am giving you a basic trick that you can forward a video 10 sec ahead and do vice versa by pressing ‘J’ and ‘L respectively. Press ‘K” to pause the video.

    If you are surfing youtube from the phone than double tap fastly to forward the video 10 seconds.

    Youtube Tricks
    Img Source: Indian Express
  2. Move Youtube on your finger

    Now this one is an interesting trick which makes you ROFL.If you think that only Google is full of tricks then this is not true, YouTube exists.

    Type Use The Force Luke in the Search bar of Youtube.You will see that Youtube will move like Drunkard.This is a cheat code in GTA games.But The word luke remind me shinigami of Death Note Series.So what are you waiting for? Type it.

    YouTube Tricks

  3. Comic view of Youtube

    I don’t know what is your age but if you are reading this then You are not a child.Everyone loves childhood and Comics are the part of Childhood.

    I am going you tell you the keywords which make your youtube just like as funky as comic.Type Doge Meme in the Search bar and you will see that YouTube will become funky.

    I am not saying that Every Trick is beneficial for you but Every trick will give you a smile on your face.

    Youtube Tricks

  4. YouTube TV

    Think If you can use your YouTube like a TV in which you can access your favorite video by Infrared remote. So Only Think, It will not going to happen.LOL.

    This trick is very useful if you want to use YouTube with keyboard keys only, and feels like a TV.In the YouTube TV, You don’t have to worry about your videos.You will see the same YouTube with a different UI.

    Write or

    Connect Your Phone to YouTube TV

    I told you the way to use YouTube TV but Do You Know that You can connect you Android Smartphone to this YouTube TV.Follow the steps.

    • Use Keyboard Keys To Open the Settings of YouTube TV which is at Left tricks
    • Go To Second Link Link TV And Phone and Select Link with TV CodeYoutube tricks
    • Open Your Youtube app and In Settings Select Watch On TVyoutube tricks
    • Enter Code you get from the site.
    • Now You connected Youtube TV with your phone.Open any video in the phone, It will appear on your PC screen and You can control sound, pause, forward etc by your phone.
  5. Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Your Comments

    If you are sad because your Favourite YouTuber is not picking your comment and not answering your query then Stylize Your Comments to make it eye-catching.

    Just Go to the comment box and Type your comment in the comment box by putting it in asterisk * to make it bold.For Example, if you want to comment Nice then Write *Nice* to make it bold.

    Type your comment in the comment box by putting it in Underscore _ to make it italic.For Example, if you want to Write Incredible then Write _Incredible_ to make it italic.


    Type your comment in the comment box by putting it in Dash – to make it strikethrough.For Example, if you want to write Mind Blowing then Write -Mind Blowing- to make it strikethrough.

    youtube tricks

  6. Discover Music in YouTube Videos.

    Watching a Vlog of your favorite YouTuber is a part of YouTube surfing but Have you ever wondered Which song is he using during vlogging.

    They use many songs between their vlogs.So I am giving you the way to find the song use between any vlog or video.

    Visit and Paste the Video URL in the Pasting bar and you will get the songs behind the video.I used it many times and mostly on the videos of Mo Vlogs, One of my favorite YouTuber.

    youtube tricks

  7. Download a YouTube Video without using any Software.

    Downloading a YouTube video is always a Headache.Everyone suggest you to use YouTube Downloader to download Youtube Videos but the crashing problem of YTD makes you angry.

    But I am giving you a way to download YouTube videos without using any software.Just type ss before youtube in URL of the video.For example, If URL is then Write to download the video.

    Bonus Tip: Basically the site which is opening by typing ss is You can directly visit that site and can Download any video of Web either it is of YouTube or Facebook.

  8. WebDriver Torso

    Basically, It is a YouTube channel which was launched in March 2013.This channel launched a strange video in every 5-10 minutes.

    If you write WebDriver Torso in Search Bar of Youtube then the page will convert into a Red-Blue format.

    Google revealed that This channel is made to Check the YouTube at every instant that Is it correctly working or not.

    youtube tricks

  9. YouTube video into GIF

    GIF acquires the web very much.News Feed of facebook is full of GIFs.But have you ever wondered that How To convert a Video into GIF?

    You can convert any youtube video in GIF by typing GIF before Youtube in the URL of the video.For Example, If URL is then Write to make the video into GIF.

    This website is amazing.You can create GIFs like professional in this website


    youtube tricks
    Img Src: TrickyWays
  10. Disco Dance of YouTube

    This is my favorite trick in this list of youtube tricks that’s why I am putting it in last.Do you remember the Do the Harlem Shake song which was launched on a video of Army?

    I love this trick because of the song.Without wasting your time, Lemme tells you the trick.Type Do the Harlem Shake in the search bar of Youtube and Enjoy the music and YouTube Dance.

Now, You have YouTube Tricks.You have Youtube.You have active Internet then What the hell are you waiting for.Go and use it.


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