Top 15 Interesting Websites which kicks out your boredom.

interesting websites

Boredom is the second type of sadness but do you know that your PC or smartphone can kick your boredom and release 500 times more happy hormones in your body. You are thinking How?There are many interesting websites which are surrounding the web which can kick your boredom through your device.

Without wasting a single second of yours, let’s make you happy by providing you some interesting websites.

15 Interesting Websites

  1. Pointer Pointer

    I put this website at first because I want to show you an interesting website which can proof that there are a lot of images on the web.In this site take your cursor anywhere on the screen and you will see that an image will appear in which someone is pointing at your cursor.

    Move your cursor anywhere on the screen, An image will appear definitely which will point your cursor.Even if you will go out of the bounded area then it will show a random image.

    interesting websites

  2. NotPron

    This website really takes you out of boredom.Actually, this is a game website which is based on mind-blowing riddles.

    These riddles are not usual word googlers which we see on newspaper and on the web.These are very different riddles based on changing URLs and playing with URLs.You should try this.

    interesting websites

  3. Survive The Out Break

    This website is really one of my favorite because this website meets my childhood fantasy that to control movie characters.

    This interesting website is based on Zombie movie in which you can tell characters to take the next move according to you.

    You can watch this movie until your decided move don’t lead the main character to death but you have chances to restart the movie.So Don’t waste your time, Go and Live your fantasy.

    interesting websites

  4. Death Clock

    A popular quote is famous in US that Two things in life are certain – DEATH and TAXES.Death is inevitable and it will come to you one day.

    This website sounds horror.It will tell you the exact date when will you die and How many years left in your life.

    This site gives the death date on the basis of information you are providing.So They are not giving you a random date, They are providing you a date base on simple maths of your life.

    interesting websites

  5. White Enamel

    Again a Game Website, But This game show you the reality and the pain behind the Mental Asylum.I don’t want to make you afraid, but This is also an interesting website to make you out of boredom.

    This game has 7-8 parts.All parts are related to some type of riddles.This website contains some horror scenes also.Mind relaxing songs between the game are the plus point which really helps you to get out of boredom.

    interesting websites

  6. Live Hacking Attacks

    This is the best thing, I found on the web.As you can see, My site has a Menu of Hacking which reveals How much I am in love with Hacking.You can visit that to know more about.

    Let’s come to the topic, This site shows you the live hacking attacks which are happening across the globe.You can see Which country’s hackers are attacking your country? or On Which country your hackers are attacking.This is a very cool stuff.Visit it NOW.( Before Go through this, You should know that Some Browsers doesn’t support this)

    interesting websites

  7. Akintator Genie

    If you think that no one can tell you that What are you thinking then this site proves you wrong.

    Think about anyone and give answers of some questions on this site and this site will tell you the name of the person you are thinking.

    It can tell you the either your character is alive or not, either it is real or reel.

    interesting websites

  8. Opentopia

    This website is a little bit weird.It shows the LIVE footage of cams located around the world.You can see the live footage of camera located nearby your house, popular places of the world etc and watch the LIVE scene at any time.

    I don’t know Why I put this website on this list? But Yes, It works on the different concept and maybe take you out of boredom.

    interesting websites

  9. Zombo

    This website is also a weird website.After visiting this site, you will hear a sound that will tell you Welcome to Zombocom.

    The freaky thing on the website is the weird sound which comes and say Welcome to Zombocom. The sound is so creepy that you’ll definitely hear the sound for a little bit time.

    interesting websites

  10. Hacker Typer

    Again hacking in this list, But this website is really an awesome website to make you out of boredom.Type anything on this website and you will feel like a hacker because the combination of background color and text color are just awesome.

    It looks that you are watching a Sci-Fi movie and the best part is Alt button of your keyboard which will show a command Access Granted. It is just amazing.It looks that you hack something

    interesting websites

  11. MonoFace

    This website is so funny.It will shuffle many faces and show you a face and you can change nose, eyes, hair etc and make face as you wish.

    It is really a good timepass which will make you out of boredom and will make you happy.

    interesting websites

  12. Youtube TV

    I will take this in this list because it is something new by Youtube which should come in the list of interesting websites.I know this is not an amazing website but yes, You will get shocked after watching this.

    This is an UI of youtube where you don’t have to use a mouse to move across the videos.You need only a keyboard.It is same like a TV.

    interesting websites

  13. Window 93

    This is a cool website where you can open many web pages.The amazing thing about this website is that it has UI of Window 93.

    You will feel that you are using a PC which has Window 93 installed.I must say Try it once.

    interesting websites

  14. Staggering Beauty

    This is the second last website in this list.So Now, make you little bit relax.Open this site, you will see a worm which moves with your cursor.Move your cursor slowly slowly and then move it fastly.BOOOOM!!! You will see amazing lights at background with weird sounds when you move cursor fastly.

    interesting websites

  15. Button Bass

    The last step to take the boredom out of you is a song.And if the song is EDM then you have a grace of god.But here, you will not hear an EDM song.For this you have Youtube.

    This website is for EDM making.It is so damn easy to make a bass drop on this site.Open this site and forget all things and listen to your own music and experiment it.

    interesting websites

Are you out of Boredom by these interesting websites?

My list of interesting websites is over.And I think this list is sufficient to make you out of boredom.Now If you go through each website properly and then your boredom time is over.I wish I help you to kick your boredom.


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