Top 6 Best Android Games Divided by Category

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Today we will take a look at the 6 best Android games for all kinds of players. It is not always secure to navigate on Play Store and sometimes it happens to bump into games infected with malware and other viruses, so it is important to choose products with good feedback, tested by many other players. Though these games are free, quality is always our priority.

Arcade – PacMan

Everybody knows this game, it stood the test of time throughout generations: the first version of PacMan was created in 1980, while this first mobile version was released in 2012. Since then, five new PacMan games became available for mobile devices. No need to explain the rules, keep on running and eating stuff and ghosts.

Strategy – Clash of Clans

This is a very popular game developed by Supercell. The player is the chief of a village and has to build up a settlement by using resources gained through attacks to other players. He also have to plan his defense and create an army, guiding it in battles with players and goblins. The resources are gold, elixirs, dark elixirs and gems. A spin-off, Clash Royale, is also available for Android.

Sport – Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES is typically a game for PC and PlayStation, but the mobile version is also funny and very popular among soccer fans. This game is free, but in order to get extra players you have to pay. It was released by Konami and it offers a great and realistic gaming experience. There is also a version of PES which simulate a managing experience, in which you can scout talents and coach a team: PES Club Manager.

Casino – Penny Roulette

Love casino games? One of the best apps to play roulette, blackjack, poker and all the other adrenalinic games on your mobile devices, wherever and whenever you want. This secure casino website gives you the opportunity to play with virtual or real money, just click on the mode you prefer and start betting on your favorite numbers with Penny Roulette or on your ability in other games.

Words – Words With Friends

Sheldon Cooper, main character from the series The Big Bang Theory, played this game against the genius Stephen Hawking, loosing on purpose. My advice is to find a good opponent and try to compose the best words in this Scrabble-like funny word game released by Zynga. The app offers a multiplayer version, but also a Solo Challenge or a team mode. The last version has over 50,000 new words.

Action – PUBG mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds achieved a great success, thanks to the stunning graphics and many good features. The game takes place in a 8×8 kilometer battlefield where the player, parachuted onto an island, has to find weapons in order to kill the other 99 opponents. PUBG is one of the bestselling of all times, with over 50 million sold in all platforms. The first-person mode was just added in the late update of the game.



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