Top 9 Black Hat Hackers of the World

top black hat hackers

The term hacker means a person who is a computer expert and highly experienced and professional in his field. The term hacker is often misused and exaggerated term of the modern time. The first thing comes in our minds when we heard the term Hacker is a person who uses his skills in wrong things but there are three types of Hackers: White Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker, and Black Hat Hacker.

Today we are talking about Top Black Hat Hackers of the World. Black Hat hackers are those who violate the security system for his personal gain or for maliciousness. So, let’s start the list of top Black Hat Hackers.

#1. Michael Calce a.k.a MafiaBoy


This Canadian Hacker is responsible for the series of cyber attacks in 2000, he attacks many popular sites with a popular attack i.e DDoS, the list of websites he attacks are: FIFA, Yahoo, CNN, and eBay. He named the attack as Project Rivolta which means Riot in Italian. He does this all when he was in its High School and he also got jail for eight months. The officials caught him when he is doing all this from a Chat Room.

#2. Kevin Mitnick


This is one of the most wanted criminals of the cyber world. He hacked many things like corporate secrets from many big tech companies like IBM, Motorola and he even hacks the National Defence Warning System which results in a loss of millions of dollars, and for that he sentenced two years of Jail for this crime and now he is working as a White Hat Hacker.

#3. Kevin Poulsen


He is branded “Hannibal Lecter of computer crime” in the 80s by the Los Angeles Police, he is an American former Black Hat Hacker, and current digital security journalist. He takes over all the telephone lines for Los Angeles radio Station so that he will be the 102nd caller and won the Porsche 944 S2.

He also exposed more than 740 sex workers online. And then caught by the FBI, he also hacks some information of FBI and then sentenced to 51 months in jail and after the released, he is banned for using computers and internet for 3 years after release.

#4. Albert Gonzalez


He is the hacker who steals information from more than 170 million credit cards and then sell their information online. The damage caused by this hacker never disclosed, and then he caught by the officials and sentenced to four decades in prison for his actions.

#5. Jeanson James Ancheta


This is the first hacker who use Botnets in its hacking, he started his work with botnets robots, this is a computer worm from 2004, which spreads from one system to another and make them also infected. This all leads to the US Military a huge loss of data. Finally, he caught by the law officials and took sixty months in prison and finned with fifty-eight thousand dollars.

#6. Gary Mckinnon


He is a Scotland based hacker, whois knows for the largest known military hack, he hacks 97 US military and NASA computers in February 2001 and March 2002, and he deletes all the important and critical files which include many weapon logs.

#7. Owen Walker


The nickname of this boy is AKILL, yes he is still a boy, he was seventeen years old when he created a bot which infects more than million computers across the world. The bot crashes the computer which ends with a loss of over twenty-six million dollars. He finally caught and then released without a conviction.

#8. Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce


These two men tried to hack into the military computers when they are 21 and 17 years old. But this is not their biggest hack, they also hacked into North Korea Military. These hackers are the only hacker who claims that they almost started a WAR.

#9. Astra


This is the only hacker which is not yet identified, he is a 58 years old mathematician from Athens, Greece. He is active from 2002 to 2008, in his time he stole many important things like weapons technology data in 3D modeling from a company called Named Group. And then he sold this information for 360 million dollars.


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