Top Dating Apps of 2018

top dating apps

These services will allow you to find an interlocutor, a friend, a soul mate or just a partner for periodic meetings.


Badoo is the biggest dating site on the planet, every user has to choose the goal of their registration, either for simple communication purposes or if a user wants to go on a date. You can always check who is online from nearby areas, and, furthermore, find out with whom you may have crossed on the streets before.

Badoo is very simple to use, the same goes for its video chat. The most unique feature of it allows you to people alike, or, to look for a lookalike of your favorite celebrity.


This service calls itself the real conductor of love, which attracts users who are looking for a soul mate. Especially for this, a convenient search system is implemented with the option of selecting only the parameters of interest. In this case, the user himself is always seen by a separate list of those who viewed his page.

Among the merits of “Mamba” are quite informative profiles, the function of video broadcasts and the ability to hide one’s age. You can register through any social network.


MyLove is an easy to use service for purposes of finding a date or a serious relationship. Profiles of MyLove are quite detailed and provide all the needed information about a person, Geosearch is present, and also, MyLove provides great opportunities to stay anonymous while still communicating with other users.

You can focus your search on a specific country, if your goal is to communicate with foreign people. MyLove has no import microtransactions, but, if it is what you desire, you can boost yourself in other users’ searches.


The application, allows you to specify goal of your registration, that is, who and what you are looking for. It is with these settings in mind that a lineup of users closest to you will be formed. With each of them you can communicate anonymously, hiding your profile from others.

The application supports broadcasts that will automatically be offered to a huge number of users. Not everybody likes it, but there are always plenty of active users on this service.


Perhaps the most famous service for online dating. It allows you to go to the search and flip through hundreds and thousands of users’ photos with superfluous actions and settings, marking only those you like. You can hide your age, supplement the profile with pictures from Instagram and tell about yourself in detail.

Paid versions of Tinder has a number of unique functions and unlimited likes that you can give everyone in a row. There is also a tradition for such services to attract attention to their profile. It can be lifted to the top, but it’s a paid option.


In Bumble, acquaintance is built very originally: in it, the first step is not made by men, but by girls. Evaluation of profiles is carried out by “whispers”, and in the case of mutual sympathy between a man and a girl, the girl has 24 hours to write first, and a man – a day to answer her. If the sympathy arose between people of the same sex (the application allows you to search including friends and business partners), anyone can take the first step within 24 hours. The application is integrated with Instagram and Spotify, allows you to control the visibility of the profile, but has only two search filters (by gender and age) and little informative profiles. But it’s safe, regularly updated, works correctly and stably.

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