10 Simple Ways to Improve the Battery Life of your Android Smartphone


Your smartphone is something that you use the most in your daily life, so you need to take steps to improve the battery life of you device. Just imaging if you are out and your phone just dies on you, what will you do or how will you call anyone? We are so reliant on our smartphones that we don’t even remember the contact details of our friends and family members, and we also depend on a lot of other apps to get us through the day. So, using some really simple ways to improve the battery life of your Android device is the most important thing you’ll do today!

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most simplest ways to increase the battery life of your smartphone. We won’t be going into any advance methods because there’s so much difference we can make by just employing a few simple steps. So let’s begin with the article!

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Ways to Improve the Battery Life of Android Device

1. Turn Off Mobile Data or WiFi

This is probably the biggest cause of your battery drain and even though a lot of people know about it, they still don’t turn it off. As a lot more people have started using smartphones, so has the use of Internet increased. If you are one of the people who browses internet from their device, you either use the mobile data or use the WiFi connection. No matter how you connect to the internet; once you are done make sure to disconnect it by turning it off.

2. Disable All Wireless Services

Check if you have multiple wireless services running on your smartphone and turn them off immediately. This include mobile data, of course, and also GPS services, mobile hotspot and Bluetooth as well. Simply keeping these services on, even when not using them, drains the battery power like crazy!

3. Use Greenify App

Normally when you are trying to improve the battery life of any devices, using third-party apps should be the last resort. However, Greenify app works and will help you conserve the battery power.

Once the Greenify app is installed and setup on your smartphone, it will automatically hibernate all the apps and stop it from running in the background and thus saving the computing power. These apps won’t start running again until you launch them. All you need to do is just select the app that you want to force stop and Greenify will take care of the rest.

4. Manage The Apps

If you have installed several apps on your smartphone, then it’s time to perform a cleanup. Go through all the apps, and games, installed on your device and uninstall the ones that you don’t use at all and only keep the ones that you need.

Moreover, go to Google Play Store > Settings > Auto-Update apps and disable the feature to prevent the smartphone from constantly looking if there’s a new update available. While you are at it, you can even turn the notifications off, but then you’ll have to check for updates manually.

5. Disable Google Voice Detection

It’s been a while since all the smartphones came with Google’s voice detection feature allowing you to search for things using just your voice. However, if you are not using that option at all, then it’s better to just disable it and prevent battery drain.

To do that, simply go to Settings > Voice > OK Google and then turn off the feature. This will prevent your smartphone from constantly running this feature in the background to detect the “OK Google” keyword!

6. Minimize Vibrations

All the smartphones have a little motor called ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) vibration motors that has an unbalanced load attached to it and the rotation of this load produces vibration. So, go to Settings > Sound and turn of the “Vibrate on Touch” option.

7. Display Optimization

Your smartphone’s display is one of the most important components, and as such, it consumes the most battery power, just second to the processor.

To improve the battery life through display optimization, you need to go to Settings > Display and set the Sleep option to one minute or less. You can even use the Night mode option to reduce the battery drainage and reduce the strain on your eyes. Moreover, if your smartphone has the “Proximity Wake” option, then you can disable that too as it’s not important at all.

Now, coming to the “Adaptive Brightness” option, I suggest you to keep it enabled just because you don’t want to keep changing the brightness levels of your smartphone every time you step outdoors or indoors.

8. Turn Off Animations

Go to Settings > Developer Options on your Android smartphone, and you will see 3 different options namely “Windows animation scale”, “Transition animation Scale” and “Animator duration scale”. Turn all of these options off and you will see a considerable improvement in your smartphone’s battery life.

9. Disable Auto Sync

Since we use a lot of apps and services on our smartphone, the synchronization process keeps running in the background and is one of the reasons why your battery juice is drained at a faster rate. To avoid this, go to Settings > Accounts and then select the various services you use and turn off the “Auto Sync” feature from the unnecessary ones.

10. Avoid Quick Recharges and High Temperatures

We always want to see that battery percentage close to 100%, but don’t try to charge the smartphone again and again as it do more harm then good. Try to use the battery as much as you can and then recharge it all the way up to 100%. This will keep your battery in the best condition and thus improve its life as well.

Don’t leave your smartphone exposed to extreme temperatures as you will notice a severe dip in the battery power in a very short time. If you feel that your device is all heated up, stop using it at once and let it cool down. Also, try to remove your smartphone’s case when you keep it for charge.


These are some of the simplest ways you can use to improve the battery life of your Android smartphone. Let us know which ones of these you use and what difference are you seeing your device’s battery power after implementing these methods.


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