9 Best Web series and Movies for programmers and Hackers.


Entertainment is the basic part of anyone’s life which is living in the digital world, and if you are reading this article, of course, you are living in the digital world. There are many sources of entertainment you can find based on your interest but the growing thing in the entertainment industry are web series.

Today we are talking about web series based for programmers and hackers so there are some web series which are related to the lives of programmers and hackers that you must watch. The list is not any particular order.

1.) Person of Interest (2011)

This is a story of how rich programmer and ex-assassin, which saved lives with the help of a surveillance artificial intelligence which sends them the identification of the civilians involved in impending rhymes. The artificial intelligence predicts the events before they actually happen.

Final episode date: 21 June 2016
Genres: Crime Fiction, Action Film, Science Fiction

2.) Chuck (2007)

This is the story of a computer geek Chuck who downloads the complete server of government secrets into his brain and becomes the very important and extraordinary secret agent of the government. In this story, he dates first time with a partner who is also our top secret agent named as Sarah.

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First episode date: 24 September 2007
Final episode date: 27 January 2012

3.) Silicon Valley (2014)

This is a story of 6 struggling programmers who are trying to make a big impact in the world of programming. In this series, there is not that much of hacking or programming but the story line is very impressive with a touch of a comic as this web series or TV show started from 2014 and from that time it is running almost for 3 years.

First episode date: 6 April 2014

4.) Mr. robot (2015)

This is a story of a young programmer who works as a cyber security engineer in daytime and Vigilante hacker at night. In this story, the young hacker used his hacking skills to take down the evil things from Internet by the help of computers, different Technologies, programming and social engineering to drill secure networks. That guy used codes in Python, IRC chats and Raspberry Pi computers to do all his hacking things.

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First episode date: 24 June 2015
Network: USA Network

5.) The IT crowd (2006)

This is a funny show because it is the show of 3 staff members which works in the IT Department of a company and the head of the department who knows nothing about IT. This web series features lots of laughter and loads of jokes inside their story for the tech lovers.

Writers: Graham Linehan

6.) The Website is down (2009)

This is also another funny web series, Hindi story you can see the problems faced by the address of a website. You can watch their episodes for free online they have short stories so that you can watch all them.

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7.) Halt and catch fire (2014)

This web series is based on the personal computer Revolution and it is running successfully from 2014. You can see the story of the office on going in the late early years when the PC was first released.

Created By: Christopher Cantwell

Starring: Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis, Toby Huss and more.

8.) CSI: Cyber

This is a story of a secret special agent who works to solve crimes as cyber physiologists for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The person in this web series Avery Ryan solves many Internet-related crimes like hacking, cyber theft, and blackmail. This web series ends in 2016 but the producers are thinking for the next part.

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First episode date: 4 March 2015
Theme song: I Can See for Miles
Network: CBS

9.) Dilbert (1999)

This web series is based on a comic strip written by Scott Adams, this is a story about a white collar micromanaged office featuring engineer Dilbert as the main character. You can see the bizarre inventions made by Dilbert’s engineering mind.

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Author: Scott Adams
Launch date: April 16, 1989; 28 years ago
Genre: Humour
Syndicates: United Media (1989–2011), Universal Uclick(June 2011–)
Parent company: Andrews McMeel Publishing

So, What are you waiting for? If you are free and want some entertainment then watch these movies now.


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