What are MotoMods? Features,Use & Compatible Devices


Motorola launch MotoMods with Moto ZMoto Z play.Moto Mods are the accessories for  some Motorola smartphones which is listed at last of the post.

Moto Mods are the first step towards Modular smartphones which enhance the experience of your smartphone far better.

To use Moto Mods,Motorola has fixed some magnetic pins at back side of his latest Motorola mobile phones which connect the Moto Mods to Motorola smartphones.


Types of MotoMods Available

1.) Incipio Off Grid Mod

It is a power case,which looks like a back cover.Only you have to attach it to your phone whenever you think some battery backup needed.When this case will attach,then it will increase the Battery 2200 mAh.

Here the connection setup is so easy,only you have to stick it to your phone whenever you need and detached it whenever you need.

Price: Rs 5,999


2.) JBL Soundboost Mod

Here you two speakers of 3 Watt which can easily connect with your smartphones and enhance the sound quality of your phone far better.It has 1000mAh battery backup which helps to boost the phone battery as well as its own battery.

Price: Rs 6,999


3.) InstaShare Projector Mod

Here the projector is really awesome.You can watch any of your videos,pics on a display of 70 inches by the helping of this projector.The output result from projector has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

You will also get a Battery backup of 11oo mAh for its use.

Price: Rs 19,999



4.) Hasselblad True Zoom Mod

It is an attachable camera in which you get 12 MP and 1/2.3″ sensor and 10x zoom.It includes all functions which should be needed in a perfect Camera with good optics and sensors.

It has Xenon Flash and has many options like wireless sharing.

Price: Rs 19,999


These are all the Moto Mods which are available yet and much more will be coming soon as Motorola reveals but these Moto Mods are for enhancing your functionality of your phones but If you want to enhance the looks of your Motorola phone then there are many Moto Style Shells which will be in leather,fabrics, and the price will be Rs 899 to Rs 1299.


Phones which are Compatible with Moto Mods

  • Moto Z 
  • Moto Z Play
  • Moto Z Force

Should You Choose Moto Mods?

Yes,Definitely if you are a tech lover and have a budget to buy Moto Z or Moto Z play or Moto Z Force then it is the best option to buy but It will be more and more useful when somehow every latest upcoming smartphone have Moto Mods Compatibility and suppose it will be happening soon.


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