What to Do If You Forget Login Password on Windows Computer?

forget login password windows computer

It is very frustrating when you try to log in to your computer and you don’t remember your password. You get more frustrated when you try to find every possible password that you used earlier or remembered, but still, your computer does not accept them. Logging in into your computer is crucial otherwise you will not get access to any of your personal or important documents and files without providing the right password.

This is a common problem that many users from all over the world forget their password of Windows Computer. The worst part is, they don’t know what to do and they try to re-install the OS and get the computer to service center, which is considered as a not a great idea as they can damage the device even more by removing all the important files from the hard drive that makes your computer worthless and empty. However, you don’t need to worry much as for every problem there will be a solution, here you can find some of the best methods to crack the password of your Windows and solve your password problem quickly.

Method 1: How to bypass Windows 7/ 8/10 Password by Using Super Admin Account:

SAA (Super Administrator Account) is the best and most interesting feature that offered by Microsoft for the Windows 10 users. It is a special account that contains all the admin privileges, and it is particularly designed for the users as it helps them when they forget the password of their main account.

forget login password windows

After you turn on your computer, wait till you get the Welcome Screen. Now click Shift key five times on your computer keyboard to turn on the SAA. Now, enter in your computer and go to the control panel. Here, change your account password from the user profile and check the changes. Now, you can reboot the computer and provide the new password to enter into your computer.

Method 2: How to bypass Windows 7/8/10 Login Screen without using any Password:

If you do not have access to Super Admin Account or if you are unable to make a reset of your password, then you still don’t need to get panic, you can still have chances to reset your Windows password. By using a third-party tool like iSeepasswprd. It is considered as the most effective tool that can help you crack your Windows password in less than five minutes. You can easily reset your Windows passwords of both the administrator and local accounts in every version of Windows, including Windows/7/8/10, and so on.

The Best Features of iSeepasswprd includes:

  • You don’t need to reinstall your Windows or don’t need to perform any system lockout.
  • Allows you to Burn BRD (Bootable Reset Disk) from DVD/CD/USB drive in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/1/8/10.
  • Supports various Windows tablets and computer’s models.

Step-1: Use another computer and install iSeepassword software.

forget login password windows

Step-2: Create password reset disk. Insert CD/DVD or USB to Computer and create a PRD (Password Reset Disk) so the software can burn the files to the CD or DVD disk, but for better results use USB flash drive.

forget login password windows

Step-3: Boot Locked computer from USB Drive. Now, insert the disk on the locked device and reboot it.  To activate the boot menu, press F2, F8, Del or Esc key on the keyboard, then choose the name of the USB flash drive and press enter.

forget login password windows

Step-4: The PC will boot through the USB drive, you can select the locked account and password, click the “Reset” button , then the you will get into computer without any password.

forget login password windows

Method 3: How to Recover Windows 7/Vista/XP Password by Using Ophcrack:

It is popular but a little old-fashioned software that is used to log in your computer when you forget your password. The tool comes with pre-created ISO images of all the versions of Windows. Also, it needs a bootable disk to reform your Windows Password.

Use another computer to make the bootable disk and download ISO image files from the official website.  Then insert the bootable device in your locked computer, The software will be downloaded on the welcome screen automatically and select the Ophcrack Graphic Mode from the main user interface and press enter. Wait till the program gets your password and use it to enter into your PC.


If you have Password reset disk or different admin account for your Windows, then it will be easy to get access to your computer when you forget your password. Otherwise, the iSeepassword software will be the only way to crack your Windows Password and get access to your computer.

You can get more guides from their official site .



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