Why Blockchain is Taking the World By Storm?

blockchain importance

The company Argo Blockchain has recently made history by being the first crypto-based company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. This marks an incredible step for technology which, until a few years ago, was very much underground and unknown to the investment world.

Now, blockchain has become a major industry and a target at which hordes of investors are shooting their arrows of capital. As such, here are some of the reasons blockchain is taking the investment/business world by storm.

What is Blockchain?

The revolutionary technology which has facilitated cryptocurrencies since the inception of bitcoin (both bitcoin and blockchain were created in 2008, by the same person/group), blockchain is an innovation of the 21st Century.

It is essentially a distributed digital network consisting of digital ‘blocks’ of information, with no one person or group having control over it. This means that any information which passes through the network (like bitcoin transactions) is incorruptible, and thus incredibly secure. Any changes made to information must be accepted by everyone on any given network, and although blockchain is relatively simple in concept, it could prove to be revolutionary in practice.


Now that the world has woken up to the immense usefulness of blockchain, investment firms and regular companies have begun to back blockchain technology, and companies (like Argo Blockchain) which are involved in the world of cryptocurrencies/blockchain are growing rapidly.

Those less experienced investors will no doubt be seeking specialist investment advice to help them jump aboard the blockchain bandwagon and find the west way to get involved in blockchain investment. It is worth noting that backing blockchain is probably a much safer, more effective investment than cryptocurrencies.

Where Does it Go from Here?

It is clear that, given the levels of interest and investment in blockchain, it is a promising and potentially very lucrative industry/technology. With venture capital firms now upping their game when it comes to funding blockchain ventures, there is no doubting that companies and industries across the world will be adopting and utilizing blockchain technology in some way in the coming years.

There is scope for many more uses to be found for blockchain technology, and it will likely save companies significant amounts of time and money by boosting their overall efficiency.

As such a potential money-spinner, it is hardly surprising that blockchain is taking the world by storm. For investors, there is no time like the present to seize the opportunities presented by this innovation.


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