4 reasons why programmers are night owls?


You may be heard the popular saying about programmers that they turn coffee into code. This saying is literally true for me also.

Maybe you are a programmer or not but you definitely know that programmers do coding part at night. Doing work at night is not a programmer’s mood but there are some interesting facts which show why programmers love coding in night?

Let me tell you why programmers are night owls?

1.) DND

Disturbance at night is totally zero. You can do a lot of work without getting any interruption from your friends, family, social network etc. The peace of night is not for sleeping only but for programmers, this peace helps them in coding.

2.) Exhausted brain

It is sure that you are tired at night due to whole day work. It shows that you should not do complex works at night. But actually in coding, you are doing the most complex thing at the uncomplex time of brain. The actual reason is that when your brain is tired and you are doing coding then there is no way to move your concentration to the different place because of tiredness.

This is the biggest reason Why night tiredness helps in coding.

3.) Bad sleeping schedule

When you have started programming at night then this has disturbed your sleeping schedule also. If I keep it simple then you will understand. If you start work on bright screen at night then this will delay your sleep time. For example due to this delay you sleep at 3 a.m. then you will wake up around 11 a.m. This incidence definitely disturbed your schedule.

4.) Nobody to stare

This reason is a little bit similar to DND reason that nobody to disturb. But somehow different, nobody stares you at night when you are fighting with your code. You can do anything to remove this frustration. For example ordering pizza at night etc. Due to this frustration and nobody staring you, it develop some bad habits also but it is a dark truth of programming.

Conclusion for now

Overall, night Owl is good for programming rather than Day donkey. Enjoy your programming and don’t develop any bad habit due to this.


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