Top 3 Wireless headphones for TV with complete review.


Well, in the era of smart gadgets all our devices are going wireless, no one loves that freeze wired things that mixed with each other and requires more time to set them up one by one, there is one more advantage of these wireless headphones that they connect to every single smart device, it is obvious they connect to every device that has a Bluetooth, after all they are wireless devices. We use them with many devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, music systems etc. But did you know they also connect with your smart TV, so you can watch your favorite show without disturbing anyone? In this article, you see the top wireless headphones for TV. So you don’t need to worry about which one is best and spend your time for research, we do this for you.

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1.) Liberate XL BTW

wireless headphones for tv

This headphone has a pretty decent size and also includes a foldable design which makes it easy for travel. As with all House of Marley gear, you can expect some earthly designs like the fabric materials you get on the air cups and headband and the logos carved on real bamboo and nice mats of the rasta colors on the side.wireless headphones for tv

While it does have an earthy design, it still features a metal frame so it doesn’t lose out on durability. And unlike most Bluetooth headphones out there, this also has a foldable design so you can pack it away in the included travel case without taking up too much space. You get over-ear-design and the ear cups and had been having a soft leather feel to them which makes them very comfortable.


Like all other headphones on this list, you need a micro USB cable to charge them since they are Bluetooth and a nice bonus with these is a battery meter so you can find out just how much juice you’ve got left and you’ve been able to listen to music for hours with no worries.

You can also use the auxiliary cable that comes with it if you want wired audio output and then you don’t need to charge the headphone of your are using it with the cable always.

You get all the standard buttons to control your audio on the right earcup and I found them pretty easy to navigate but like with most Wireless headphones for TV.It will take some time to remember which button is placed where but after some time you will remember.

2.) Samsung Level Over

Next, up on the list, we’ve got the Samsung level over. This headphone has a very simple look going for them and they’ve got some pretty sweet low key features built into. It has a nice leather and headband and air cups with a pretty cool stitch look going for on the head damn cushion. These are really comfortable and great for long listening sessions.

wireless headphones for tv

These will also fit completely over your ears which create a great seal which is perfectly combined with its active noise-cancelling feature like most Wireless headphones for TV. These are the foldable headphones so you don’t need to worry about travel. But it does come with a hard shell case so you can carry extra cables and offers as much protection as you need. One thing you might notice about these in comparison to all the headphones on this list is the lack of buttons to control your music. This is where Samsung really surprised me the level overs have touch panels on the sides of the air cups that work as a controller using swipe gestures similar to what you’d find on the Paris II headphones.

wireless headphones for tv

You can swipe up or down to increase or decrease the volume and as you’d expect you swipe left or right to jump between tracks and double tap to play and pause. A full charge will get you about 15 hours of use which is more than enough for listening sessions. Now it’s got some nice sleek features but what about the sound. You can connect this with the auxiliary cable so that if your battery is down you can still use the headphones with your smartphone.

3.) Beawireless headphones for tvts Solo2 Wireless



Next up on our list is the Beats Solo2 Wireless. They’ve managed to make one of the most portable pairs of Wireless headphones for TV.

wireless headphones for tv

It has only one visible button on the body and that’s the power button you can also use this button to check the built-in battery indicator to see how much juice you’ve got left. This also features a great 20 hours of battery life so you want to do much worrying.

It also has standard music controls, however, they’re very well hidden.The first being the beats logo on the left ear cup, press it one time to play or pause and a double press will allow you to skip to the next song and a triple tap to go back.

Above the logo is your volume up and below it the volume down. It also has a standard rubberized cushion on the headband which makes it comfortable to use and it also has leather air cup, which comes with every on-ear headphones.

These are the some of the best headphones you can choose, if you want to purchase them you can click on their names and Amazon page will open and you can purchase them. These all are the best in their class, and all are tested and tried by our team so that you can purchase the best without any worry.


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