5 Stylish and Luxury iPhone Cases to Buy in 2019


In the United States, 85.8 million people use iPhones. Nonetheless, certain luxury iPhone cases make your phone stand out more than others.

Adults make up 43% of all U. S. iPhone users. On the other hand, around 82% of U. S. teens are iPhone users. Nonetheless, having a luxury iPhone case gives you a sense of sophistication that transcends age altogether.

Without a high-quality case, your phone is at its most basic. You deserve to have a phone case you’re proud of.

Here are 5 luxury phone cases you should check out:

  1. Brikk’s Lux iPhone X Case: The King of Luxury iPhone Cases

The Lux iPhone X collection by Brikk is opulent beyond compare. This case is made of Zero Halliburton aluminium with 2 layers of 24-karat gold. You also get to choose between yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum options.

Each case comes with a diamond-encrusted authenticity certificate. If you want a phone case that has serious flash to it, get this iPhone X case.

However, if you prefer something more modest, this next case will strike your fancy:

  1. Ferra iPhone Xs Case By Hitcase

Ferra is a slim iPhone Xs leather case that’s made of full-grain, ultra-light Italian leather. The designers combined a traditional leatherwork style with dependable, everyday protection to create this case.

This luxury phone case resembles that of a high-end wallet: It feels soft to the touch, but the material is strong. It’s also hand-cut, hand-sewn, and hand-pressed.

Plus, it also has stainless steel beveled hardware that other luxury cases don’t have.

  1. Quilted Leather iPhone Xs Case By Saint Laurent

This leather iPhone Xs case is quilted with chevron stitching. The metal YSL logo in the lower right-hand corner of this luxury case only adds to its sophistication. The entire design is elegant, trendy, and innovative.

The leather cushioning envelopes your phone like a cloud. This case is meant to be paired with one of the brand’s luxurious quilted purses.

  1. Black Bag-Shaped iPhone X Case By Dolce & Gabbana

This Dolce & Gabbana case for iPhone X is shaped like one of the brand’s black purses. This case has a handle and a detachable chain that’s long enough for you to wear your phone around your neck like an actual purse.

This is a good iPhone case for someone who doesn’t own many clothes with pockets.

  1. Logo iPhone X/Xs Case By Givenchy

This case is rather minimalist: It only contains the Givenchy logo with “Paris” underneath it. In the background, there is “Givenchy” written in multicolor, cursive letters.

This branded Givenchy case is all the rage due to its nostalgic charm. It gives off major glam rock vibes that’ll make you feel excited to use your phone.

Send Your Text Messages With Class

People tend to spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones. These 5 luxury iPhone cases will make you never want to put your phone down ever again.

The average person picks up their phone 58 times per day. Getting one of these iPhone cases gives you an automatic license to flaunt your phone.

Become an informed consumer—read more of our reviews. The more informed you are, the happier you’ll be with your purchases.



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