keep data safe

How to Make Sure Crucial Business Data Stays Safe When Employees Leave?

Data is valuable to all organizations. Loss of it or compromise can bring a business to a halt. It is for this reason that managers need to...
machine learning

How Machine Learning with Python has changed the Computing ways?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are very difficult topics to learn due to the availability of many resources. The development of the field is on the way...
crypto currency

What Is the Significance of India Legalising Crypto Currency?

Crypto currency has already changed how assets are exchanged across the world. And it’s about to be introduced to India. But what is the significance of this? Will...
financial advice

Financial Advice: Who Can You Trust?

Today, there are thousands of parties who are ever eager to peek at your finances. Some of them tell you what to buy and sell, advise you...
dumping dollars

Why are Countries Quietly ‘Dumping the Dollar’?

After nearly two years in office, most would now acknowledge that Donald Trump’s time as President has been, at best, somewhat turbulent. Whether one is for or...

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