8 Best News App to get daily news around the globe

best news app

With the advancement of technology our, each day becomes simpler and easier. It is like availing the services and enjoying the benefits of these modern and the glorious inventions under a rooftop.

Every day developer develops an app so that we can maximize our intensity of doing work. No doubt these apps let us explore the world under the single tap of our fingers. These apps not only let us explore but also notifies us if any update is being carried out in any corner of the world.

So, on looking the benefits of the apps, in this article, we will be looking at some of the best news apps that we must have in our smartphone.


  1. ASSOCIATED PRESS: – Compatible with both Android and iOS, Associated Press has a strong reputation in the market where no one can question about its accuracy in maintaining the nature of the contents. A navigation tab is also in the app that let you view through a number of interesting topics.


  1. Flipboard: – Flipboard is yet another one of the most popular news apps that have grabbed the attention of the users. More or less, it looks like Feedly but the page layout is absolutely awesome. It has animated images that make the content more attractive and interesting. It has an amazing UI that creates the look of a digital magazine.

Download here Flipboard

  1. NEWS REPUBLIC: – News Republic gathers news from over 25000 sources and the only thing you have to do is to tell the app about your choice. The app notifies you of the current happenings across the globe and also include the daily digest to let you view the biggest news of the day.

Download here  NEWS REPUBLIC

  1. POCKET: – Pocket is the app that does not offer you content. What! no content? You might be thinking that an app who does not offer its user the contents but still is being included in the talks of the best news apps. Though this app does not offer the content, it saves all the contents you have viewed throughout the day. While using the social media you come across a number of interesting contents that you want to read but the unavailability of time does not allow to cross the boundary. But now with this awesome app, you can save all your contents.

Download here POCKET

  1. LOCAL NEWS APPS: – Sometimes in the run of knowing the things around the globe we miss out the daily happenings around us and so the apps under this category keep us updated with the things happening in our locality.
  2. AWESUMMLY: – Awesummly is a news app that summarizes the important stuff in five to six sentences. This beautiful idea of delivering the news in 60 words has attracted a number of people towards it due to which it is currently the best short news app. It also offers a number of features to its users like the online sharing of the contents, offline reading, audio news delivery and much more. Definitely, this app is a must download.

Download here AWESUMMLY

  1. AL JAZEERA ENGLISH: – Compatible with both iOS and Android, this app was the first 24-hour news app that covers the daily happenings from the Middle East and was the most popular in that particular region.


  1. THE SCORE: – Just tel, this app about the sports you are interested in, the app will let you fall in that particular game with automatic updates from it. If you are looking for live scores then this app is one of the best sports news app to deliver upon.

Download here The Score


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