5 Car Concepts which are coming in 2017 which will make you think twice.

car concepts

What If? If a car can change size like Marvel Hero Ant-ManYou can take it anywhere either it is loo or outside anywhere.Think if you have a car which is so strong that even Superman can’t lift it.I know this all is a humor but Yes, Some amazing car concepts are coming in 2017 which will increase your love of car to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.Without wasting a single second of yours, Let us know about some amazing off-the-wall quirky future teasing Car Concepts of 2017.

1.) Car Concepts: Real Lightning McQueen 

car concepts

Disney took a step towards the real world where you can see the McQueen car in reality which is an all time favorite car for cartoon lovers.This car is technically a concept car.It is an amazing thing that you can see the star of Disney Pixar’s car movie franchise in real life.

This car is totally a surprise in Detroit Auto Show 2017 where this car is not expectable. The five-time ‘Piston Cup’ champion dropped by to promote ‘Cars 3’ and unveiled the extended trailer of the film.The timing of lightning McQueen’s appearance coincides with the release of the new trailer of the Cars 3 which has a lot of people excited for the new movie.Cars 3 hit the theater on June 16.

2.) Car Concepts: Nissan V motion 2.0 concept

car cocepts


This is the car which you can see on roads, not like McQueen car which launched for the sake of promotions of a movie.This Nissan concept mainly exists to preview the Japnese Automakers plans for its self-driving future.Nissan says that this sharp looking Electric Sedan Concept is capable of fully autonomous driving and will be totally connected to make life for busy professionals easier.

If talk about looks, this car looks amazing or more than amazing.It has a future design concept.It has the silvery carbon fiber roof trim.It has tail lights at the back which looks incredible.

3.) Car Concepts: Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept

car concepts

This amazing concept of Volkswagen merges modern and retro in a cute and courting package.The ID Buzz is fully self-driving and all electric.Volkswagen says that it has a range of 270 miles on battery.It also features a totally reconfigurable interior and a steering wheel with tucks up into the dash when you’re not using.This is not the first time that Volkswagen brought the modern interpretation of MicroBus but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this one is more than amazing.

ID buzz is the perfect companion for every situation in your individual lifestyle.This van is mobile living room for up to 8 people.You can talk, play, read, watch movies or whatever you prefer.It has a sophisticated sensor system with 10 laser sensors which is an important step towards the future vision.

4.) Car Concepts: Infiniti QX50 concept

car concepts

This Infiniti QX50 concept is one of the prettiest crossovers that we have ever seen.Instead of super aggressive angles that are seen on many SUVs these days.This SUV has a swoopy beautiful design.The best part of this SUV is that 90% of its exterior design will carry over to the production model.So You can expect that one to be quite good looking Crossover across the SUV market.

Inside this crossover, you can see the graceful shape swabs natural wood and leather accentuated by the ton of dimples inspired by buttons on leather sofas. This car also shows the future autonomous driving abilities.

5.) Car Concepts: Audi Q8 concept 

car concepts

Audi Q8 concept previews a new full-size coupe SUV offering from the brand.I think it is one of the best looking coupe SUVs out there as this one manages to have really nice proportions and sharp designs.More importantly, this concept is an E-Tron which means it is the plug-in hybrid with a combined system output of 442 HP a step 516 pound-feet.The total range on a full tank of gas and a full charge is said to be about 621 miles.

The upcoming new Q8 will be a high-tech luxury powerhouse with a profile that hints at the classic Audi Quattro models of the 1980s. Audi describes its shape as “an elegant alternative to the robust presence” of a typical big SUV.


Wrap Up of all stunning Car Concepts

These all cars are really amazing.These all cars are just like the group of Marvel’s Avengers.In My opinion, the best concept shown by  Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept which is the Captain America among these avengers.The Volkswagen concept is amazing which shows car future is coming very soon and hit the doors of present and replace the old fashion of long cars.

Now, I leave it to you which is best







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