Researchers built a cellphone which can run without a battery.


Some scientists of Indian origin at the University of Washington in the US built a phone which can run without a battery. Charging of phone is always an issue but if this prototype comes in market then it will change whole Mobile World.

Shyam Gollakota, Associate Professor of the University said that this phone consumes almost zero watts. The biggest step which is the reason of power consumption in today’s smartphones is converting analog signals into digital data to convey sound.

They eliminate this by taking the advantages of vibrations which happen in microphone or speaker when someone talks or listen respectively. These vibrations are a type of motion and an antenna converts these motions into the radio signal which is the basic reason of no power consumption in this phone.

This prototype still needs a power for some operation. Researchers said that 3.5 microwatts of power is more than sufficient for this device. As this power consumption is too low, so they can rely on ambient power sources rather than a battery.

The researchers were also able to make a Skype call from this prototype. This prototype work on little bit different base station technology that’s why researchers said that theCelll Towers or WiFi routers would have to be come with our base station technology to accept this prototype in future.


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