What to do if You Want to Erase iPhone Photos Before Selling it?

how to erase iphone photos

Many individuals like to take pictures with their iPhone as it is the perfect device for taking memorable and spontaneous photos. With iPhone, you don’t need to worry about taking a perfect picture as you don’t need any extra things to take a perfect shot, and you don’t need to be a professional to make your clicks look beautiful. Because with iPhone, it is easy to take pictures with iPhone and you will take continuously until you run out of storage space.

However, there is an easy way to solve this storage issue is by erasing photos from iPhone manually. But, this method is not very safe as it looks, and also the photos that you removed from your iPhone, the pictures will still be stored on your smartphone unless new data overwrite the same part of the storage. You can easily restore these pictures using recovery software, but, here you will find some of the best methods of removing video, photos, and albums.

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Method 1: Remove all iPhone Photos by Factory Reset Setting

It is a bit risky process and also not suggestible. You can use this method only if you want to discard your device. It is one of the best ways to remove all your photos for privacy protection purpose.

To erase all your photos, first, go to Settings, and choose General and under press Reset. Now, erase all settings and contents.  In case, your device asks for Apple ID password, then enter your password and wait till it removes the photos.

erase iphone photos

Method 2: Erase iPhone Photos Completely with SafeWiper For iOS

In some cases, like the SafeWiper of iOS, which as a third-party tools will be the only method to erase photos from iPhone without recovery possibility. This is not a bad thing, since you can accomplish it without a lot of manpower and material resources. It is faster and more convenient than the other two methods.

Step 1: Download SafeWiper for iOS and install it in your computer. Once the installation process is done, the software will be installed automatically. Now connect your iPhone to your computer using Apple USB cable, and wait till the software identifies the device.

erase iphone photos

You can find 4-erasing options, including “Erase Private Data”, “1-Click Free Up Space”, “Erase All Data” and “Erase Deleted Files”. Each option offers a different purpose for removing the photos from the iPhone device.

Step 2: Select Erasing Option and begin to examine your iPhone. As you know just deleting the photos from the device is not enough. You should choose “Erase Deleted Data” can help you delete photos permanently from your device.

erase iphone photos

Step 3: Preview the Scanned Result and Remove Photos Selectively. It will scan your iPhone and you can see that data that still stays on the device will be no longer accessible. The process takes ten to fifteen minutes and also it depends on the data size.

erase iphone photos

Step 4: Erases photos will be removed permanently once you press the delete all button.

Method 3: Delete All Photos from iPhone directly on the Device:

If you want to delete one single picture, then just use the Photo app and choose one image and press delete button. But, if you want to delete multiple pictures at a time, then according to Apple, you can do it in this ways.

As the deleted images will be placed in the Recently Deleted folder and it stays for thirty days, which means you need to follow the next step to clean up the folder.

  • Start the Photos app and choose Folders Tab
  • Now, go to the recently deleted folder and select
  • Select each video or image that you want to delete forever
  • Once you finished selecting the photos, now press delete

You should know that you can as well get back all your permanently delete photos from your device as iPhone offers a second chance to recover your photos.


You might be thinking why you want to erase all your photos and other information from your iPhone before you selling it. Well, it is important to erase all your personal details even if you are selling  it to your friend so that all your personal details and photos stay secure.

I compared these methods. As for methods 1 and 3, they can indeed delete photos, but i am not sure that these photos can be completely deleted from iPhone. As for method 2 (SafeWiper for iOS ), if you want to erase iPhone photo quickly and without any recovery possibility, it’s the best way to do it.

See more info: https://www.safewiper.com/


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