How to use Wifi Direct?Quick file transfer through Wifi Direct

How to use wifi direct

File transfer is always a big mess and if using bluetooth then solving this mess become difficult.But Wifi Direct is the best way to get the files in seconds.So Here you get the answer here How to use Wifi Direct?

How To Use Wifi Direct In Samsung?

For there is no need of any type of application to transfer the file. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Then go to wifi.
  3. In options, go to wifi direct, then scan for the available devices.
  4. Then do same steps on the other Samsung device.
  5. Then connect to the first device by accepting the invitation of the other device.                          NOW BOTH THE DEVICES ARE CONNECTED
  6. Now go to the file that you want to send.
  7. Then share it by wifi direct and select the connected device.

How to use Wifi Direct?

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How to use Wifi Direct in other android devices?

You can transfer file by using SUPERBEAM that use wifi direct of the deviceDownload it from PlayStore.

  1. Open superbeam in both devices.
  2. The sender’s device select the file that he/she wants to send
  3. Then tap on the send button.
  4. A popup apprears that ask about the both devices is connected to the same wifi or not? Tap on NO.
  5. Then accept the second popup.
  6. A QR code is on the screen right now.
  7. Now, on the receivers device, you just have to open the superbeam and tap on receive and scan the QR code.

How to use wifi direct?


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