Intel i9 processor is the best processor ever made.


Recently, Intel revealed its high-end  i9 processor. This Intel processor is totally different from its predecessors as it has 10 cores and 20 threads in its base model.

The base frequency of this processor is 3.30 GHz and with new Turbo 3.0 technology, the clock speed would be 4.5 GHz. You can use 128 GB of RAM with this processor. This processor is not suitable with existing motherboards. To Use this processor you have to buy new motherboards.

Hyperthreading and overclocking are possible on this processor. This processor can be overclocked to 6 Ghz. More gigahertz is directly proportional to the speed of PC. Due to this High overclocking, Liquid nitrogen is used the i9 processor to prevent it from heating.

This processor is based on Skylake-X architecture because it has 10, 12, 14 and 16 crores. Intel i7 processor is based on Kaby Lake-X architecture. The price of i9 chips will be from $999 to $1699 based on the cores. But the extreme edition of Intel i9 Processor which is i9-7980XE will cost $1999.

This processor will be on sale from August to October. This processor is not for casual use. It is precisely targeting Gamers or High-end tech lovers.


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