Lifi technology, difference between lifi internet and wifi internet.




Wi-Fi is accidental creation in 1992 by Australian radio astronomer Dr. John O’Sullivan
via an unsuccessful experiment to detect exploding mini black holes. Wi-Fi
has revolutionized digital conversation devoid of our present-day cellular
strategy for lifestyle will be considerably diverse Wi-Fi now makes up a sixty
% of world Net visitors with all of that becoming stated Wi-Fi
nevertheless, has some concerns it sketchy that situations with varying sign and
it is not thoroughly secure due to the fact your signal could journey as a result of partitions
and be quickly picked up by some other person. The main reason for all of this is
that Wi-Fi takes advantage of radio waves to transmit information so how do we improve this
technological know-how and solve these issues we must use something that’s affordable
safe plentiful and a lot more strong for facts transfer the answer.

Their light is the perfect because it’s the Section of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and there LIFI is available in the intellect.

The age of WiFi connectivity may turn out to be Portion of heritage prior to
we believed, immediately after researchers last but not least set the light based communication
format “Li-Fi” into observing.

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) can be a bidirectional, higher-pace and completely networked wi-fi interaction technologies just like Wi-Fi. The time period was coined by Harald Haas and is particularly a method of visible light-weight interaction and a subset of optical wireless communications (OWC) and could be described as a enhance to RF communication (Wi-Fi or cellular networks), or even a replacement in contexts of knowledge broadcasting.


It really is wire and up seen-light-weight conversation or infrared and around-ultraviolet rather than radio-frequency
spectrum, Portion of optical wi-fi communications know-how, which
carries Significantly more information, and is proposed as an answer to
the RF-bandwidth limitations.

Difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi

Li-Fi Wi-Fi
Full Form Light Fidelity Wireless Fidelity
Operation Transfer data using light from LED bulbs. Transfer data using radio waves with the support of Wi-Fi router.
Interference Encounter no interference Encounter interference
issues. issues from other nearby routers/access points.
Applications Used in electromagnetic sensitive and high dense areas like undersea, airlines,etc., and even in offices, homes, for internet and data transfer purposes. Used for internet browsing via Wifi Kiosks or hotspots.
Privacy Light waves used in Li-Fi do not pass walls and so provide high security. In Wifi, radio frequency signals can pass walls and so data transfer is not so secure.
Data Transfer Speed About 1 Gbps WLAN-11n offers 150Mbps, About 1-2 Gbps can be achieved using WiGig/Giga-IR
Data Density Operates in high dense areas Operates well in less dense areas.Operates well in less dense a
Coverage Distance About 10 metres About 32 meters, depending on the antenna type and signal power.
System Components Lamp driver, LED bulb(lamp) and a photodetector. Wi-Fi routers, subscriber devices(laptops,PDAs,smartphones,etc.)

For its complete working, you can check the link.

Source : youtube and Wikipedia


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