RainMeter Themes: The Ultimate Desktop Customisation Tool

RainMeter Themes

One Section where our windows PC stand out from the closed environment iMac is the power of customization. You can customize your Window PC/ Laptop with numerous wallpapers, themes, and skins. If you are one of those tech-savvy people who are just bored of the inbuild simple themes of Windows OS, then this article is for you. Rainmeter Themes is the best tool available out there on the internet which will make you Laptop/PC look super cool. Having used it from the day of purchasing my laptop, Rainmeter themes has never disappointed me with their stocks of ultra-modern cool looking and I bet it won’t do so in the near future.

So for every user present out there, the Rainmeter themes is the ultimate personalizing software. Unlike other software providing themes and skins, Rainmeter provides a smooth user experience and lag free environment. The rainmeter theme also has a unique feature for notification and other contents.

For people who always had in their mind the idea of making good themes related to anything like fiction or tech, Rainmeter themes also provide them with the option. In Rainmeter theme, you can make your own theme and even upload a theme for others to use it. It will never freeze your PC or laptop. Enough of the intro now let’s move to the next section.

What are Rainmeter Themes?

Rainmeter displays customizable themes or skins like battery power, WiFi strength, RSS feed, weather, sound, media player and much more etc right in front of you on your desktop or laptop. Once installed, the theme will automatically change the overall visual experience of the Windows Interface. You can also perform many tweaks using the rainmeter themes.

Many themes are much more functional, they can take notes for you, to-do-list, launch your favorite application and even play the music you want. The Rainmeter themes will provide a clean, responsive interface which you can customize according to your own liking.

The Rainmeter theme is a toolkit and an application at once. Your imagination and creativity are the only limitations. So you need to download and install the Rainmeter themes before using it. There is no issue if you don’t know, how to install and use this amazing piece of software because below we have given a vivid description of how to install and use rainmeter themes.

How to Install And Use Rainmeter Themes?

To use Rainmeter themes, you first need to download it. Follow the guide given below to enjoy the Rainmeter themes.

The first thing you need to do is to download the latest version of Rainmeter from their official website.

After that download Rainmeter theme of your choice from different web sources.

Now right click and copy all the files which are in the (. zip) folder.

Copy and paste these files into skins folder which you are going to find in the documents folders.

Now simply restart the app and then right click on the tray icon.

Here select “Config” and you will see the new skin which is downloaded.

That’s it you have successfully installed the theme on your desktop.

Requirements: Rainmeter Themes

The rainmeter theme can run on any version of the windows, the Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

Best Rainmeter themes

Rainmeter themes provide the user a variety of themes. We provide you the best ones only. There are some simple Rainmeter skins also in the list. Enjoy some of the best Rainmeter skins.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 took the gaming industry like a storm and created the franchise for the Battlefield. To make its fans feel special and happy, Rainmeter themes released a BF3 theme where you can customise the icons add many other. This is one of the best Rainmeter Skins for Gamers.



If you are an Iron Man fan then you’ll definitely like this rainmeter skins Jarvis. Tony Stark’s personal assistant, JARVIS always attracted the fanbase and everyone had or even has the dream of making a JARVIS of their own. Though you cannot own the JARVIS, you can definitely have a JARVIS theme.


Windows 2019

Popular RainMeter skin for Windows is Windows 2019. It provides one best icon pack with the customizable quick notification bar. Get news, feeds, weather updates, Music control on a single screen only.

The main advantage of using this skin is that it gives you the proper arrangement to decorate your desktop screen and access get your apps in a fingertip. Choose the customised icon to change the look of your default icons of Windows. If you keep connecting your PC to the internet then you can get live notification of mail, weather, events etc.


Mass Effect Skin

The main feature of this theme is that it gives the user an Aero interface. It looks like the screens used in sci-fi movies. But it has some limitations. The user is free to edit the icons.


End of the World

One of the imagination theme to change your desktop visuality then use the End of the World theme. This looks like an imagination scenery that what it may look while the World will get destroyed forever. This is not based on any real scenario. So the whole skin pack is built under the imaginary scenario of the end of the world.

Thus here you will see the half ended background of the earth with effective looks on your screen. Besides the background, you can also get change the customized icons, widgets, clock etc.


Pog Pack

This skin provides you an instrument cluster type design on your desktop screen. All the needful things you can get access directly from that cluster screen. This is a type of digital cum analog view which mixed in a single screen to provide the custom look of your screen.

To install this theme on your PC and feel the awesome user experience and also the visual effects on the screen. This skin pack is free to download for using on your desktop and laptop also. Sometimes this desktop screen looks like the dashboard of any sports car also.



From the name of the Skin may you get to know that this theme will provide the universe and space-related visual effect on your screen. The skin is packed with spacecraft thrusters and an ultra-modern graphical effect. Space enthusiasts can make their laptop screens look more lively using this theme.


Vision About Rainmeter Themes

These are the some of the best Rainmeter Themes, you can download them from the provided link. The RAINMETER THEME is really an amazing piece of software that will make your laptop or PC screen look more lively. With its user interface improving day by day, it is also becoming easy to use. Rainmaker themes will provide you with every kind of theme.

You can be a gamer, tech geek, photographer, writer, anything, rainmeter has a theme for you. In simple word, Rainmeter theme is the best one available out there on the internet and its free.

Best Rainmeter Skin Reddit

If you want some more skins or want to explore more, you can check the thread on Reddit which is about the best rainmeter skin, you can share your themes and do many things here. You can visit this thread from here. Best Rainmeter Skin Reddit Thread.



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