Smart Measuring tool that measures anything : Bagel


That aged time goes whenever we measure any point and we’d like lots of
different kinds of stuff to evaluate different things. Nevertheless, it’s twenty-first century we
don’t will need these stuff In any case We’ve BAGEL.


It is a sole tape measure any area. It has 3 distinct
measuring modes, Bagel lets you measure absolutely anything. It could also
help save measurements, document voice memos, and ship details in your cell in
its application, in which you can easily Arrange and analyze your measurements.
That’s why we phone calls Bagel an intelligent tape evaluate.



String mode : 


Credits : kickstarter.comYou should use Bagel’s string manner to evaluate size like you should using a
traditional tape evaluate. It’s versatile but solid string measure curved
objects and surfaces, different human body kinds, and- As you can imagine- flat
surfaces. It’s string manner can evaluate nearly about ten feet (3 meters)
of length.



Wheel mode : 


Wheel method is excellent after you don’t have both of those arms accessible to measure
length or distance. Just change to it’s wheel method and roll its
wheel. Wheel manner is great for measuring distance on curved surfaces
and will measure up to about 33 ft (10 meters).



Remote mode :


When you want to measure the space to spots which can be distant or difficult
to reach, use it’s distant manner. Merely place the ultrasonic sensor
at objects, partitions, or ceilings and Bagel will tell you how far off they
are. The remote method quickly activates a laser that factors at
your goal spot to indicate in which you are measuring. You’ll be able to measure up
to sixteen toes 4 inches (5 meters) in the distant method.



How it measures things :

It is easy to use, just simply select the mode from the three different measuring modes then take a measurement, and then finally click the save button to save your recorded data on your smartphone by the help of a simple app which connects with Bluetooth with BAGEL.

You can also add a voice to the recorded data which you measured, this recorded memo describes the data which you saves. As it connects with its mobile app by Bluetooth, the voice recording will automatically convert into text and tagged to your measurement.

Memory info :

You don’t need to connect your smartphone to the Bagel every time when you took a measurement. It has its own internal memory in which your data store, it stores up to 100 measurements and voice memos. And all this data is shown in a digital display.

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