10 Tech prediction made by Bill Gates in 1999 which is true now.


Bill Gates is the richest person on the globe. He is the most followed personality in the technology field. Not only in 21st century, In the late 20th century also, he was one of the most followed tech personality.

“Business@The Speed of thought” was the book written by Bill Gates in 1999. In that book, Bill Gates made 10 big tech prediction which are true now. So let’s look at the predictions made by Bill Gates in 1999.

1.) Online job recruitment

He predicted that in the future, People will be able to find the jobs according to their skills on the Internet. This prediction is true as we can see sites like LinkedIn is available for job recruitment.


2.) Online communities based on your interest

He predicted that online communities will be available in the future which will not consider your location but it will consider your interest only. Sites like Reddit, Facebook groups etc are the examples of interest-based online communities.

3.) Advertisement future

He predicted that in future you will see those ads for which you are interested rather than a bunch of unwanted ads. Nowadays, sites like Facebook, Google target ads on the basis of your interest.

4.) Online sports discussion

In 90s, sports discussion was possible between some people on radio. Bill predicted that in future online sports discussion would be available. Sites like ESPN, Star Sports provide features like live discussion on the sport live telecast.

5.) Facebook

The biggest prediction of Bill was that in future, there will be private websites which will help you to chat with your friends and family. We know that this prediction is true as Facebook, WhatsApp are too useful nowadays.

6.) Distant home monitoring

He predicted that everyone would be able to see what is going on in his home. This prediction is also true as Technology such as doorbell camera, CCTV camera is available right now.

7.) Artificial intelligence

Bill Gates is always in love with AI. In many interviews he said that AI will be the future of technology. He predicted that in future you will be able to access everything such as email, scheduling, weather detail, purchases from a single device. Devices like Amazon echo Google home are the example which shows that the prediction was true.

8.) Online payments and Healthcare

He predicted that people will able to pay through online and get prescription from doctors online. PayPal is the best example of online payment solution and website like ZocDoc help us to find doctor.

9.) Mobile

The prediction of mobile phones is not only done by Bill Gates but many other Tech personalities did this prediction. In the prediction of Gates, he said that people will carry small device to access all the activities.

10.) Comparing Sites

He predicted that in future you will able to buy products with the online comparison of same products. This prediction is also true as many sites are available for comparison.

Bill Gates is really a genius. He has a true and accurate vision. We should follow his words to get success in future of Information Technology.


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