How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android?


One of the safest ways to keep WhatsApp messages and the media files of WhatsApp is by transferring them to your personal computer. WhatsApp was and still is the best instant messaging app is used by billions of users over the world to send and receive messages, videos, audios and even voice calls.

Nowadays, people like to update themselves with time and don’t want to keep the same Android smartphones for a longer period. And that’s why it becomes inconvenient to keep moving the data from one phone to another. But the real nightmare starts when it comes to move WhatsApp messages from one Android to another. It’s nothing similar to moving multimedia files because WhatsApp messages are stored in database form which cannot be retrieved that easily.

But like usual, we won’t keep you in dark but rather give you the solution to make your day brighter and that’s where Android WhatsApp Transfer+ comes into play.

What is Android WhatsApp Transfer?

It is a stunning and wonderful little desktop program to copy WhatsApp messages from one smartphone to another without deleting any single chat or data at all. It is very easy to use and is supported by over 6000+ Android devices. This program actually creates a bridge network between two Android phones so that you can transfer the messages from one phone to another without any problem. It is supported in both iOS and Android platform to give you an excellent experience.

Salient Features of Android WhatsApp Transfer:

  • Backup WhatsApp messages from any Android smartphones or iPhones.
  • Transfer WhatsApp Messages from all Android to Android.
  • Restore any WhatsApp messages from backup files.
  • Move WhatsApp messages and its media from Android to iPhone and vice versa.
  • Save WhatsApp messages in PC in more readable formats like PDF, TXT, Word, etc.
  • You can directly print out WhatsApp messages from phone.
  • Compatible with over 6000+ Android smartphones like Motorola, Google, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Micromax, etc.
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device.

How to Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android

Step 1. Download and Install

Download Android WhatsApp Transfer + on your personal computer, install it and launch the tool to see it’s main user interface. It shouldn’t take more than few moments to finish this step.

Step 2. Connect both Android phones to PC

Establish a connection between both smartphones by connecting them to same computer using 2 different USB data cables. If your CPU has not enough USB ports then you have to buy a multi-port USB hub.

Step 3. Enable USB Debugging Mode on both Phones

It’s important to Enable USB debugging mode on both Android phones to transfer the messages or else the software may not detect your device. To enable USB debugging mode, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your phones.
  2. Tap menu then Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select Developers Options.
  4. Check USB Debugging.

Step 4. Transferring WhatsApp Messages from one Android to another

To transfer entire WhatsApp messages, implement these steps –

  1. Click on “Android to Android” transfer icon.
  2. Right-click on the Android phone icon from where you are transferring the messages.
  3. Choose transfer Android messages to other Android.
  4. Confirm and wait for the program to do the rest of the work for you.

Note: All the WhatsApp attachments like picture, audio, etc. will be transferred automatically too by default.

And that is it. Android Transfer is immensely useful program that every user must have in their computer. Android phones are changed everyday and it’s impossible to transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another regularly. That’s why this program makes the life easier by controlling everything with a click of a button.



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