3 ways to enable Windows 10 dark theme to reduce Eye strain.

Windows 10 dark theme

Dark UI is really an awesome UI for any device. But Before the 2016 anniversary of Windows, every user was waiting for the dark mode in windows. Now a windows user can easily enable Windows 10 dark theme. If you don’t know How to enable it then Don’t worry, I am here to help you.

Windows 10 dark theme is not only attractive but reduce your eye strain also during low light work. Similarly, if you use a light theme in the bright place then it will be good for you. Now I am going to start the methods but Before proceeding any methods, Please read the Notes and Precautions Section which you should follow.

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Method 1: Inbuilt option to enable Windows 10 dark theme

Many registered users of Windows 10 do not know that there is an inbuilt feature of the dark theme in Windows 10 which is very easy to access.

You just have to go to the “color” option which is in the “personalization” option of settings are you can simply search for “personalization” at the start menu.

If you are unable to locate the “color” option in the personalization menu then referred to the below image.

windows 10 dark theme

Now just scroll down the page to the bottom and you will see the option of “choose your App mode“. Select “dark mode” and Boom you have successfully enabled the Windows 10 dark theme.

windows 10 dark theme

Now if you are unable to do anything in personalize menu then its means that your Windows is not activated. Now you have three option – Buy a Genuine window, Do hard work to find an activator for your Windows or read my next method.

Method 2: How to enable Windows 10 dark theme if you don’t have original Windows?

This method is going to be a little bit lengthy but definitely work for you.

  1. Search CMD in Start menu or press “Windows+R“.
  2. Type “RegEdit“. It will open Registry Editor.Windows 10 dark theme
  3. Now You will see 5 options. You have to go into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Themes.Windows 10 dark theme
  4. Now there will be 2 conditions that either you have “Personalize” option in Themes or you have not that option. If you have that option then Proceed to next step, otherwise Right click on “Themes” and Tap New>Key. Now Name that key “Personalize“.Windows 10 dark theme
  5. Right Click on “Personalize” and Tap New>DWORD.windows 10 dark theme
  6. Name the DWORD as “AppUseLightTheme” and Double Click on it the check that the highlighted value in “Value Data” is 0.Windows 10 dark theme
    Note: 0 is to Turn On the Dark Mode and 1 is to Turn On the Light Mode.
  7. As I mentioned in the 3rd step that there are 5 options, So Now Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Themes>Personalize. If here also, “Personalize” option is not available then Refer to Step 4.
  8. Right Click on “Personalize” and Tap Key>DWORD.
  9. Name the DWORD as “AppUseLightTheme” and Double Click on it the check that the highlighted value in “Value Data” is 0.
  10. Now Check Settings and You will observe Dark Theme means you have successfully enable Windows 10 dark theme.

If you don’t want to use Light Theme again then Just Change Value Data to 1 which I mentioned in Step 6 and Step 9.

Now there’s two methods are the official methods to enable Windows 10 dark theme but the demerit of these methods is that it only enable Windows 10 dark theme in the setting options. But what if, if you want to enable Windows 10 dark theme for all your activities on Windows 10 PC.

You can do two things – 1.) Activate the dark theme for each application like Browsers, drive management, MS Office etc. 2.) You can use the next method.

Method 3: How to enable Windows 10 dark theme using external files?

As the title completely describe that you have to download some external files to activate the dark theme in whole Windows 10 PC. If you can’t trust any external file to do changes on your PC then don’t follow this method. But the link which I’m going to provide is a trusted link and you don’t have to worry at all.

  • Download the zip file from this linkWIndows 10 Dark Theme
  • Now Open the Zip File and Copy the file with .theme extension.
  • Now Go to C:\Users\*YourUserName*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes and Paste it here. If you don’t know YourUserName then Navigate to Settings>Accounts to find the User Name.
  • Navigate to Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Personalization and Select the theme which you saved recently. Boom You have successfully enabled Windows 10 dark theme for all the activities. windows 10 dark theme

See the following Screenshots to know How will Your Windows 10 PC look after enabling full dark theme?

Windows 10 dark theme

Windows 10 dark theme

If you want to disable the dark theme, then Just Navigate to Control Panel>Settings and Personalization>Personalization and choose Windows under Windows Default Theme.

For More themes, You should visit here and Search for Windows Theme.

Windows 10 dark theme

Notes and Precautions

  • Before enabling Dark Mode, You should know How to disable Dark Mode which I mentioned at the last of each method.
  • You should not disable and enable dark mode again and again because it is not good for your Eyes and PC.
  • If you face any difficulty during using Dark Mode then Disable it Now.

Wrap Up

So I think You have successfully enabled Windows 10 dark theme. This is really an awesome theme. Use it and Share your views. Now also, If You are not able to do this then You can comment below. We will help you soon


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