Avast VS Norton, Which is best for you?

Avast VS Norton

In this modern age, everyone is using a desktop or a laptop, it becomes the need for everyone whether you are a student, owner of a store, businessman. Computers become a necessity. But there is a problem of having a desktop or a laptop, which is, attacked by a virus, trojan, malware or adware and to prevent this problem we have to use an Antivirus Software. But there are so many of antivirus software are available in the market and which one is best? No one knows which one is best to use. Avast and Norton are some of the best software. But which one is best, so here is the full comparison between this two software, Avast VS Norton.


First, let’s talk about the Avast AntiVirus Software, this is one of the most downloaded software and many websites mention this Software on their website like Cnet, Amazon, Softpedia. This is lightweight for the system and it works without affecting the speed and performance of the system.

Avast acquired AVG AntiVirus Software company last year but they are not mixing their things so don’t worry. Both have millions of users. It comes with many features that you can use: Malware Blocking, Simple Password Manager, Phishing Protection, Wi-Fi Inspector, Rescue Disk. And if you paid for its premium version then you will get more features.


This is another most popular AntiVirus Software, it comes with many features but for that, you need to pay some amount because this is not free to use, yes it comes with one month trial. You can check all its versions:

These are the some of their versions. You can download it what you want. The entry-level version of the software only protects one system. It has some more features like password manager and extensions for web browsers.

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Avast VS Norton

Norton scored very well in the test conducted by the AV-Test and received Bronze Award for the Internet Security. This comes with many features like silent mode, parental control, network monitoring, and firewall. They also provide support to their customers by 24/7 customer care. So let’s see the comparison between Avast VS Norton:

Features that Norton had but Avast don’t:

Norton comes with parental control and you can also create user profiles. It also comes with a virtual keyboard which will help you while entering your important passwords. And if you have any problem or issue with the software then you can contact their customer care which is available 24/7 but this is not available in AVAST.

  • Parental controls and user profiles
  • Chat Support
  • Virtual keyboard
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Highlighted points of Norton:

  • Stellar parental controls and profile customization features
  • Bronze Award winner at AV-Test
  • Multiple-channel support options

Features that Avast had but Norton don’t:

Avast also had some features that Norton don’t like the spam filter, firewall, safe browsing, file sharing, Game Mode. It has a unique feature called Safe Zone, which helps the Gamers and people who used to browse the internet so much. It will help you to prevent letting your computer in danger of any kind of online problem.

  • Free to use the normal version
  • Mode Selection
  • Lightweight for System

Highlighted points of Avast:

  • Safe environment for free game playing, risky links, etc.
  • Sandbox for opening potentially unsafe applications
  • Identity protection and personal information management
Full Price**
(MSRP, standard 1-year license)
Norton Standard


Norton Deluxe


Norton Premium


Avast Premier






Trend Micro™ 


A number of protected devices
(any OS combination)
1 5 10 10 Unlimited* 5 10
Operating Systems supported Windows, Mac®, Android, iOS Windows, Mac®, Android, iOS Windows, Mac®, Android, iOS Windows Windows, Mac®, Android, iOS Windows, Mac®, Android Windows, Mac®, Android, iOS
Viruses removed from your PC or Mac® or your money back – 100% guarantee1 Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Backup and restore n/a n/a PC n/a n/a n/a n/a
Secured online storage space n/a n/a 25 GB n/a n/a Dropbox 2GB n/a
Add more secure, online PC storage when you need more space2 n/a n/a Yes n/a n/a Yes n/a
Money back guarantee3 60 days 60 days 60 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30


These are all the points about Avast VS Norton, you can download whatever you want. And if you ask us what is best, we prefer you Avast if you use a low-end system, and if you want more security in less price then you can download the Norton because the premium version of the Avast is very costly.


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