9 Best Launcher for Android instead of a Stock ROM in 2017.

Best launcher for Android

Android is the most used OS in Smartphones. But it is not necessary that you are satisfied with your default UI that’s why launcher is used in Android which can completely change the UI of your phone with maximum customizability. Here I have the filtered list of best launcher for Android which will help you to customize your Android phone on your needs.

There are many launchers available in the play store with millions of downloads but I am telling you that launchers which are different from each other and best in its field.

Let’s start our topic of Best Launcher for Android.

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Best Launcher for Android

1.) Zen UI Launcher

best launcher for Android

The Zen UI launcher has the maximum rating on Play Store that’s why I am putting it first in the list of Best Launcher For Android. It is too easy to use. There are many customizable options available in Zen UI launcher. You can easily change the font, icon size, color from Home Edit option, To go on Home Edit – Long Tab on Home Screen>Manage Home>Home Edit. There are many inbuilt wallpapers, icon packs, and launcher theme available in Zen UI launcher. Some are paid and some are freely available depends on your age, work and need.

There is a good option which is “unread count badge” which will help you to check the unread messages on some particular apps of your smartphone. You have two options in Zen UI launcher – One layer and Two layers. In my opinion, two layer option is good. By default, you get one layer mode but you can change it after the installation. You can change the layer mode – Manage Home>Perferences>Home Screen.

Highlighted features of Zen UI Launches

  • It is easy to understand.
  • There are too many widgets.
  • You can hide and lock apps. But unfortunately, lock app option is not working on my phone

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2.) Smart Launcher 3

best launcher for Android

Smart Launcher 3 is a good launcher for those who wants the access of needy apps faster. This launcher is quite handy. There are many customization options available in this launcher but mostly are paid. There are two default modes in the launcher – Flower and Grid. This launcher easily accessible from one hand and if you opt for pro version then maybe this will be the best launcher for Android for you.

In the free version, you can’t add pages to the home screen. In the free version, you get the menu option at the left side. The menu design is easily accessible in pro version only because you can’t edit or add categories depends on your need.

Let’s little bit talk about the pro version. In the pro version, you can add more themes, you can edit the home screen, you can edit the categories and much more.

Highlighted feature in Smart Launcher Pro 3

  • Single click gives different results and double click gives different results on the home screen button and you can edit these gestures.
  • The UI of both free and paid versions are too good.
  • You can add, edit and access the widgets easily.
  • You can search on the basis of letters (Available in free also).

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3.) Arrow Launcher

best launcher for Android

Arrow launcher is a launcher by Microsoft. Basically, This launcher is the rival of Google Now Launcher which claims itself as the best launcher for Android. This launcher has little bit same UI like Smart Launcher 3. But as it is a mix up of the normal launcher and launchers like Smart Launcher 3 that’s why it is more easy to use than Smart Launcher. You can switch between horizontal layout and vertical layout of apps in the menu option but the vertical layout is more easy to use. It is not customizable as the Smart launcher. You can access more shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc by swiping of the home button just like iOS.

Highlighted feature of Arrow Launcher

  • It has an Attractive UI.
  • There are a lot of settings for customizability.
  • You can hide apps.
  • It is very easy to understand.

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4.) Buzz Launcher

best launcher for Android

Buzz Launcher app is an attractive and handy launcher. Basically, Best launcher for Android for those who loves attractive UIs. At first, it looks different from any launcher. The bottom buttons of menu, contacts etc are small and attractive. The best part of this launcher is that you can easily access the apps depends on your choice. The frequently used apps are already separated from the app section. There are many widgets which will help you a lot during use of the phone.

The best part of this launcher is its gesture control. By swiping the pages on the home of the launcher, you can see a page in which you would observe the “gestures” option. Click on it and you will notice that how you can adjust your gestures for work on the phone using this launcher. There are uncountable options for customization at the “buzz menu” which is on the same page where you found gestures control.

Highlighted features in Buzz Launcher

  • Attractive UI.
  • Too many shortcuts by gestures.
  • You can hide and lock apps but lock feature is not working in this launcher also. Maybe the reason for this is that any launcher does not get that much access to your apps.
  • Gestures controls are too good.

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5.) Action Launcher 3

best launcher for Android

Action Launcher 3 is the best launcher for Android for those who have used Stock ROMs in Android because it has many awesome inbuilt features. Quickly access to menu, apps, and widgets is the best part of Action Launcher 3. The bad part about this launcher is that many awesome features are basically in paid version of this launcher. In my opinion, you would not like this launcher if you don’t buy it. But if you buy it then this launcher definitely will be your favorite launcher.

Highlighted features of Action Launcher 3

  • Easily access to App via its app drawer.
  • The quick bar at the top of the homepage of this launcher is the unique feature. You can add many quick bars but mostly are paid.
  • You can quickly access the widget of an app if you recently used an app, just by swiping up the app.

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6.) Next Launcher

best launcher for Android

Next launcher is really the best launcher for Android for 3D lovers like me. The UI of this launcher is too unique. The UI looks like a sci-fi movie software. The UI of this launcher can easily attract a person at first sight. In my smartphone, it little bit lags. Maybe lagging is due to heavy UI but sometimes this legging will frustrate you. This is a 3D launcher. There are almost all features in Next launcher free version but the paid version is better than this.

There is an air circle on the homepage of the launcher through which you can change the mode of the launcher from 2D to 3D. The 3D view is incredible. There are uncountable customization settings including gesture setting, theme setting etc.

Highlighted features of Next Launcher

  • Attractive UI
  • You can separately customize 3D and 2D sections.
  • At starting the launcher is confusing but with time you will get used to it.

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7.) Hola Launcher

best launcher for Android

Hola launcher has many downloads and it is popular because this is the best launcher for Android for those who love to try wallpapers and themes every day. According to the Hola, this launcher has 15000+ wallpapers and themes. You can change the icons and themes in the launcher by tapping the personalize option on the home page. Folders are created on the basis of apps and the best part is that you can swipe between folder by tapping one folder only. The menu bar is similar to Arrow launcher.

There is an option of Shuffle which will shuffle your all wallpapers and set a new one on your home screen. You will not get a good customization level in this launcher.

Highlighted features of Hola launcher

  • It is good for wallpaper lovers.
  • Wallpapers are categorized in a well-mannered way.
  • Easy to understand.

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8.) ASAP launcher

best launcher for Android

This launcher is clearly defined by its own name. This is best launcher for Android for those who want to do things fastly on Android. There are many shortcuts in this launcher but you have to be used to it because these shortcuts are too dedicated. For example, If you swipe right by touching corners then toolbar will be open in which options like WiFi, mobile data and torch will be available but if you swipe right without touching corners then widget section will be open. Same case with the left side swipe, if you swipe left by touching corner then all apps will be shown in the vertical option while swiping left without touching corners leads you again to the widget section. You can access the most used apps by swiping up. But unfortunately, this launcher doesn’t have much customizability.

Highlighted features of ASAP launcher

  • Quickly access to everything.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Small sized launcher.

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9.) Nova Launcher

best launcher for Android

This launcher is the mostly used launcher in the Android and we can literally say it is the best launcher for Android. If you Don’t know much about the launchers then you will think that it is similar to every launcher. The customizable level of Nova Launcher incredible. You can customize each and every element of your phone via Nova Launcher. At starting the customization will be a little bit difficult for you but with time, you get used to with this launcher and its customization settings.

Let me little bit tell about the customization of Nova Launcher. For an app you, you can change app icon, font style below the app, font size below the app etc. For a widget, you can change the size of the widget and easily place it anywhere. It is only an overview of customization of Nova Launcher. There are many ones which you will get to know after installation of Nova Launcher.

Highlighted features of Nova Launcher

  • Most customizable launcher on the Play Store.
  • Easy to understand all customization.

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It is all about Android launchers. May you find the launcher which suits you in the list of Best launcher for Android. If you have any doubt regarding installation, you can comment below. Our folks will help you soon.

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