4 Methods to play YouTube in Background on Android and iOS[2017].

play youtube in background

YouTube is the world’s best video streaming site. This is the reason that YouTube is getting 30 million visitors per day and many ones are becoming creators on YouTube. The problem a mobile user get during using YouTube is that he can’t use YouTube in background. Here I will going to tell you how to play YouTube in background in your Android or iOS device.

But before this, I want to tell you why YouTube is not giving the feature to play YouTube in background?

Why can’t play YouTube in Background?

As I told you YouTube is a platform for video streaming. So the advertisers who put their ads on YouTube must be a video. If you get the option to play YouTube in background then how can you see those Ads for which advertisers are paying YouTube. This is the simplest answer to your question.

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How to play YouTube in background in Android?

Method 1: Using Browser

You never thought that you can use YouTube in the background from your browser. There is a condition, you can’t play YouTube in background with every Browser. There is a special one for this task which is Mozilla Firefox. This method does not work with latest Mozilla Firefox(updated version of May 2017). Download Previous Mozilla Firefox version from this link to perform the following steps.

Step by step guide to use

  • If You don’t have Mozilla Firefox on your Android device then install it from Google Play Store.
  • Now visit youtube.com from Mozilla Firefox.
  • You will get the mobile view of YouTube in Mozilla Firefox but you have to change it to desktop mode by clicking three dots at the upper side.play youtube in background
  • Now you are watching YouTube in Desktop mode, Zoom-in as much as you are comfortable.
  • Now play any video and press home button of your device to see Is it running in Background?
  • You are now ready, now you can play YouTube in background. Try this method.play youtube in background

If you still want to use latest Mozilla Firefox, then you have to use an extension on Firefox to play Youtube in Background. Step By Step Guide.

  • Open your latest Mozilla Firefox.
  • Visit this link which has the extension and enable it.
  • Now you can play youtube in Background.

Now you are able to play YouTube in background while doing any activities on your phone. But Mozilla Firefox method has a demerit that you will also listen the sound of ads when the ad will come.

To get out of this Demerit, you should read method two and method three.

Method 2: Using An Android App

This method is less popular method but one of my favorite method to play YouTube in background.

For this method, you have to download an app called “stream” from Play Store. The bad thing about this app is that you can only play music videos from this app.

Download Link

play youtube in background

You will get the top music chart list in this app or you can search for your desired music. Click the music to play it and you will see that a small Windows will popup in which your desired music video is playing. Now do anything in your background.

play youtube in background

You can also export “liked video” playlist from your original YouTube to play your favorite music continuously. Not only this, you can create your own playlist here.

play youtube in background

There is another app which is better than Stream. iTube APK will help you to play youtube videos in background. Apart of this, You can download videos in MP3 or MP4 format also.

Method 3: Using TubeMate

TubeMate is also an Android app through which you can play YouTube in background. The UI of this app is similar to YouTube. Not only you can play YouTube in background but you can download a video in MP3 or MP4 format.

Steps to play YouTube in background from this app.

  • Download TubeMate from Play Store. Download Link.
  • Search any video from this app.
  • You will get a download option at the upper side of the app.play youtube in background
  • Click on it and you will notice play audio option at the bottom side.play youtube in background
  • Now tap home button of your device to check is this method working or not?

Done, now you can play YouTube in background from this app.

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Method 1: Using Rooted Android Device

Rooting is a good way to get out of many problems on Android. You can play Youtube in Background through a Rooted Device.

Step By Step Guide

  • Root Your Android Phone. The best way to root your phone is to search the device name and model in XDA Developers site and get your answer.
  • Install Xposed Installer depends on your Android ROM from Xposed Repository.
  • Download Youtube Background PlayBack Xposed Module from Xposed Repository.
  • Now activate it and boom Now you can play Youtube in Background.

play youtube in Background

If you want to know more about Xposed Modules and Best Xposed Modules then Visit this link.

How to play YouTube in background in iOS?

Playing YouTube in background iOS is an easy method. You don’t have to download any additional app to play YouTube in background in iOS. The default Safari browser is enough for this task.

Let’s see steps to perform this task.

  • Open YouTube.com in safari app.
  • Click on the three dots at the upper side to convert the UI in desktop mode.play youtube in background
  • Now play your desired video.
  • Tap home button and you will notice that video is not playing in background
  • Now swipe up to toggle notification bar.play youtube in background
  • You will notice that your desired video is pause at that notification bar. Tab play button and do anything in background.

Now it’s done on iOS also.

These all are the best existing methods to play YouTube in background. I have an Android device in which I prefer method 2 to play YouTube in background and sometime method 3. Choose any method which is suitable to you and enjoy the experience of YouTube in background also.




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