12 Best Python IDE to make your code more effecient.

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You finally thought to be a Python Programmer or Python Developer, so first thing needs to learn Python is the IDE Editor, you can write code in your Notepad, but a professional programmer always goes for a fully automated IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Python developers use a wide variety of IDEs, and it created confusion in the mind of the new guy who is new to Python to pick a perfect IDE, there are many IDEs available like PyCharm, Pydev, Emacs or Eric etc. There are many best open source Python IDE also available out there. In this article, We will discuss about Best Python IDE for Windows, mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi.12

Most Python IDE works on all platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows and some are also available for free of cost, if you are a learner then I will prefer you to choose free IDE for Python and if you are a professional Python Developer then you can go for the paid one.

There are also online Python IDE which you can use too. There are some more online Python IDE like pythonfiddle.compythonanywhere.com, ideone.com. If you are going for a free version of Python IDE, then remember you will get less features than the paid version of the same IDE program. And if you are still confused to which language you need to learn first to be a part of Python Developers then check this article:

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Why choose a Good Python IDE?

Python is one of the most popular and the easiest programming language and it is based on open source and used in many things such as web development, scripting language, making Android applications, video games, AI etc. We can use Notepad to write its code but a fully-featured IDE is more helpful to write and read.

Many Python developers use IDEs so that they can write their code fastly and check it along while writing. They have many features like integrated build tools, debuggers, code completion tools, and helps you in highlighting, resource management. You can see the percentage of people who are using IDE for coding in this Stack Overflow Developer Survey. In simple words, a great IDE for Python helps Python developers to write, test and debug their code immediately and quickly. You can use online Python IDE to check your code too if you don’t have your laptop with you. You can use some best open source Python IDE for your work.

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Best Python IDE for windows

There are many IDEs out there but we pick some of the best Python IDE for windows 10, don’t worry they also work with other versions of windows. We also include the best Python IDE for windows freebest Python IDE for windows XP and best Python IDE for windows 8 on our list.

#1. Komodo IDE

It is developed by ActiveState, and it is a part of Open Komodo.  It is a cross platform IDE, and you can use this IDE to code many other languages which include Python also, it is a paid program but it also offers an open source free version named as Komodo Edit. It is widely used by many educational institutes, and they provide this program at a discounted price to . It also works with PHP, Perl, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, JavaScript, XML, HTML, and Ruby.

You can use this program on Linux and Mac. It has all the features which you can expect with any other IDE, like auto complete, brackets matching, code refactoring, code browser, graphical debugging, multi threaded debugging, multi process debugging, breakpoint configuration, integration with third party libraries like pyWin32 and integrated unit testing. It has some additional features like track changes, quick bookmarks, go to anything, shell scope, package manager integration, Markdown viewer, UML Editing / Viewing, Code Folding, has Integrated DB Support and much more. You can try this, as it provides a free 21-day trial.

#2. PyCharm

Best Python IDE

This IDE has two versions to run, one is Free Community Version and the second one is Professional Edition. It also has a free trial to use and after that, you need to pay some amount. This program is developed by JetBrain, they also developed one of the most famous JAVA IDE, this Python IDE is perfect for those who use the program made by JetBrain.

You can use this to code in many languages like HTML/CSS, Angular JS, Node.js, JavaScript, and Python also, which helps people who used to do web development alot. It has many features like errors highlighting, code editor, graphical Debugger, code inspection, code refactoring tools, integrated version control, automated completion, Cross Platform, Integrated DB Support, Unit Testing, Code Folding, Line Numbering etc.

If you want to read more about its features then you can read this article on jetbrains.com/pycharm. You can use this on Mac and Linux also.

#3. PTVS – Best Python IDE for Windows

Full form of PVTS is “Python Tools for Visual Studio“, it is a complete Python IDE as it comes from Visual Studios, it is completely free of cost for use and totally free. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft itself. Some of its main features are its support for IronPython, Python and CPython, profiling, Python/C++ Debugging, code editing and browsing, IntelliSense, and IPython.

It supports all Operating Systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also supports quick navigation, templates, code analysis, unit test integration and Django Integration.

Best Python IDE for Mac

There are a ton of IDE available for Mac operating system also, but many new programmers still confused to pick best Python IDE for mac os xbest Python IDE Mac for beginners and good Python IDE for Mac.  Don’t worry here you will find the answer to all your questions.

#4. Thonny

Best Python IDE

This IDE is basically for learning and Teaching programming purpose. It is developed by the University of Tartu, and you can download and use it for free on any operating System such as Linux and Windows. You can download it from the Bitbucket repository.

It supports all basic features like highlighting syntax errors and code completion. You can also use this for debugging, which you can run step by step.This is best for the beginners who just started programming. When you are editing a function, then a new window is opened which has local variables and the code is showed clearly of your main code. This is all because so that the user can read the code completely. You can download it from its official website.

#5. NetBeans

Best Python IDE

It is also an open source IDE or Integrated Development Environment, which is written in Java Language. It supports all the languages of Python, you can extend its features with third party plugins.

It supports allows Python and Jython Editing, code-completion, debugger, refactoring, templates, syntax analysis, Cross Platform, Auto Code Completion, Integrated Python Debugging, Error Markup, Smart Indent, Bracket Matching, Line Numbering, Code Folding, Code Templates, Unit Testing and Rapid Application. You can use it to code Java, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, C/C++ and more.

#6. IdleX

Best Python IDE

It is a collection of over 20 plugins and extensions that provide many additional features to  IDLE. It will be a more useful tool for academic research and development as well as exploratory programming. Those extensions were finished mostly under GNU/Linux using Python 2.7, and 3.4.

IdleX runs with Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.x.

Best Python IDE for Linux

#7. Wing IDE

It is manufactured by Wingware and it releases 15 years back, it has all the features which are needed to a Python Developer and provides some more additional features also. You can use it on Windows and Linux also. It works with all the versions of Python including stackless Python. The basic version of this program is free to use and it also has two more versions, personal edition, and a much strong professional edition.

The highlighted feature of this IDE is it is expert in debugging process, as it can do debugging of threaded code, multi-process debugging,  code stepping, auto child process debugging, code inspection data, breakpoints etc. You can debug code which is running on Raspberry PI. It supports many version of Python like MotionBbuilder, Maya, Zope, PyQt, PySide, matplotlib, pyGTK and much more. It also supports code completion, syntax highlighting, source browser, graphical debugger and support for version control systems.

#8. Spyder Python

Best Python IDEIt is another open source IDE for Python Developers, you can use its free version or the paid one as it has two versions. It is very lightweight, and it is written in Python itself. This IDE is best for the scientific python development. You can use it free under MIT license. It has all the basic features like interactive console, files explorer, variable explorer, multi-language editor, documentation viewer, Find in files etc.

You can use it in Windows and Linux also. It can also be utilized as a PyQt extension library and can be embedded in PyQt applications. You can read more about this on its GitHub page. It also supports cross platform, Auto Code Completion, Integrated Python Debugging, Error Markup, Smart Indent, Bracket Matching, Line Numbering.

#9. Eric Python IDE

Best Python IDE

It is another IDE which is self-written in Python itself, it is completely based on cross platform integration with highly flexible Scintilla editor control. You can use it also to code Ruby. This is designed to be usable as everyday’ quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool integrating many advanced features Python offers the professional coder. Eric includes a plug-in system, which allows easy extension of the IDE functionality with plug-ins downloadable from the net.

It supports Auto Complete, Cross Platform, Bracket Matching, Integrated Debugger, Source Control Integration, Error Markup, Unit Testing, Multi Language Support etc. You can use the unlimited number of editors, configurable window layout, error highlighting, application diagrams, configurable syntax highlighting. You can read all its features on its official website.

Best Python IDE for Raspberry PI

As we cover all the major platforms which most of the people use, but there is also a category of the operating system which people use, and they mostly are programmers or developers. People mostly search for best Python IDE for raspberry pi 3best Python IDE for raspberry pi 2 and good python editor for Raspberry PI. So, here is your results.

#10. Adafruit WebIDE

Best Python IDE

It is a web based IDE, which is right now in beta, so there must be some bugs. This is the easiest way to run Python on Raspberry Pi. All you need to do is connect your Raspberry device to the local Network, and then log in to your WebIDE on your internet browser. You can use this to edit and browse code written in many different languages like Ruby, JavaScript, Python and much more. It also allows you to send various commands to your Pi via the terminal found in the browser. You can save your code in a local GIT repository so that you can access it whilst on the go.

#11. AlgoIDE

Best Python IDE

It is all in one complete application, it supports many things like break points, debugger,  real-time explorer, break point, optimization for small screens, syntax error management. You can use it to code many languages like C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Smalltalk, Objective C, and Actionscript.

You can also find tutorials and an online forum to learn, this program targets teachers who want to teach programming or you can use it to teach your kids.

#12. Ninja-IDE

Best Python IDE

This referred to “Not Just Another IDE”, it is a cross platform IDE, which is designed to develop Python based applications. This is very lightweight in size and comes with all the basic features like file handling, find in files code locator, go to the line, tabs, automatic indentation, editor zoom, etc.

It also supports Syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages, Static and PEP 8 error highlighting, project management modules, code migration embedded console, code auto completion, code location, session handling and an extensive plugin system. At starting this is made for Linux, windows as well for Mac but later Craig Richardson has documented how to install the Ninja IDE development environment on the Raspberry Pi. You can learn more about how to do this here.

Quick Table on the best Python IDE on the basis of your System


Hope, You have found Best Python IDE from this article according to your need and OS. Now, You have found the good Python IDE then What are you waiting for? Go and Write some codes in Python, The language which is responsible for many aspects machine learning



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