Which is the best programming language for AI and Why?

best programming language for AI

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. Most of the Tech Giants are making their software related to artificial intelligence. Due to this increment in the usage of artificial intelligence, Programmers want to make their career in this field. But many programmers don’t know which is the best programming language for AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Tech Giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft has already put their softwares in the artificial intelligence field. Facebook and Google are continuously making effort to make advanced Softwares for Artificial Intelligence.

You may be heard about the Jarvis project of Mark Zuckerberg which is the great example of artificial intelligence. You can watch this project in this video. Recently, Tech Insider released the Google video in which they are working on a humanoid artificial intelligence Robots. Watch this video to know more about that project.

Now you got the ability of artificial intelligence. So, Let’s discuss the best programming language available to create an artificial intelligence based software.

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Best Programming Language for AI

1.) LISP

best programming language for AI

LISP was very popular in the 70s and 80s. It was widely used to create AI at that era. But at this time also, LISP is good for AI coding. Following are the reasons which show why LISP fall on the list of best programming language for AI.

1.) It is a good platform to create a prototype.

2.) It supports symbolic programming also. We can easily make a software with the help of LISP which computes with symbols.

3.) Compilers of LISP are well developed which generate effective code.

4.) You can create a domain-specific level of abstraction due to macro system.

Most languages have adopted these all features nowadays in an easier manner excluding the last one

2.) Prolog

best programming language for AI

Prolog was developed in the 1970s to deal with the logic programming. Prolog is one of the most popular languages for Artificial Intelligence in the 21st century. We can easily create natural language interfaces and information management system with Prolog. Following are the reasons which show why prolog falls on the list of best programming language for AI.

1.) This language can easily define and solve logical formulas.

2.) Creating expert systems are easy due to some list of facts and rule present in Prolog.

3.) C++

best programming language for AI

C++ is a successor of C language, So creating an AI is similar with both the languages. C++ is the preferred option to making an AI nowadays after Python. Most programmers start their life with C or C++ that’s why big Tech Giants are using these languages to build an AI. Following are the reasons why AI with C or C++ is good.

1.) It is a very fast programming language. Time sensitive AI will work well with this language.

2.) Programmers can improve their execution time

Basically, the reason to choose C or C++ as a coding language for your artificial intelligence software is that it takes very less time for execution. AI in games is mostly made up of C++.

4.) JAVA

best programming language for AI

Java is my favorite language to create any software. Java Virtual Machine technology is the best way to make any software. This machine technology is the basic reason why this language is considered as the best programming language for AI. Following are the reasons to choose Java as the coding language for AI apart of its Machine Technology.

1.) Debugging is easy in this language.

2.) Incorporation of standard Widget Toolkit.

3) Maintainability, Portability, and Transparency of this language are the major strengths.

5.) Python

best programming language for AI

Python is the answer you get mostly when you ask a programmer that which language should I choose for Artificial Intelligence Softwares. Let us discuss why Python is so popular in this field?

1.) Python can write the same logic with only 20% of the code other language use.

2.) It has prebuilt libraries for AI projects. For example, for advanced computing it has Scipy, for machine learning it has Pybrain and many other libraries also.

3.) Mostly used language for AI that’s why support is easily available through communities.


So these are the best languages available for an AI software. It is completely upon you which language suits for your Artificial Intelligence Software according to your need.

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