keep data safe

How to Make Sure Crucial Business Data Stays Safe When Employees Leave?

Data is valuable to all organizations. Loss of it or compromise can bring a business to a halt. It is for this reason that managers need to...

Motorola patented a display that can repair by itself.

Think of a day when your mobile's display that can heal or repair by itself. That day is not so far because Motorola has granted a patent...
steps to composing perfect essay

5 Steps to Composing the Perfect Essay

There are few words the average student likes to hear less than the word, "essay". It seems like the term is always framed in somewhat of a...
business software

3 Types of Business Software that can Save Businesses Time and Manpower

Not all businesses have been created equal, and this means that no single commercial budget is ever the same. However, one things that unites business...
dumping dollars

Why are Countries Quietly ‘Dumping the Dollar’?

After nearly two years in office, most would now acknowledge that Donald Trump’s time as President has been, at best, somewhat turbulent. Whether one is for or...

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