Cool Drones for Photography lovers which makes your footage better.

cool drones

You can enter the amazing world of photography by some Cool drones which can take you far away and you will land at the amazing view of the world which you never expected.Drones are the simplest way to explore the whole world without taking a single step of foot.But What if?? Simple things become simplest.Yes, It can happen by some cool drones.Let us discuss some cool drones.

1.) Carbon Flyer

Carbon flyer is the world’s first super tough, super fast and Bluetooth control carbon fiber drone.This is an ultimate tech toy which can create a revolutionary plane using actual carbon fiber.

cool drones

Quick Features

  • It has twin high output motors.
  • A long-range blue-tooth module.
  • LED running lights
  • An onboard Camera
  • Can be controlled up to 240 feet away using either an android or Apple Smartphone.

Carbon Fiber is 10 times stronger than aluminum.It has 100 times the strength to weight ratio of steel, and it is more than a thousand times stronger than the toughest phones.

Bluetooth allows for a two-way communication with the plane providing real-time battery and connectivity steps.It has an interactive app which allows the pilot to control the plane’s air speed, altitude and steering using one hand.

Overall, It is the best portable RC Drone, one of cool drones.

2.) Ghost Drone

If you want to fly a drone which is easy to control then this drone is definitely for you.It comes pre-assembled is ready to fly right out of the box.The app for this is super easy to use.

cool drones

Quick Features 

  • A sophisticated app to control drone.
  • It is user-friendly
  • Designed with quality parts

The great feature of Ghost drone is that it has the customizability with respect to both hardware and software.It can detect the obstacles such as trees, hills etc.


3.) C-Mi Drone

This drone is different from anything on the market right now, in the sense that it solves the problem of how you control the entire flying, movie and image capture process from a single device.It makes the flying easier and share images and videos you captured directly to your friends.C-Mi is the first networked controls camera drone. You can control it seamlessly from a single mobile app.

cool drones

Quick Features

  • It has 1080p HD camera.
  • It is very light weight and Compact.
  • Detachable which increase portability.
  • Many Flight Modes

In Pano Modes, It will remain in a fixed position while turning and capturing amazing panoramic shots.

For Follow Mode shot, it includes an attachable water and sweat-proof tracking device.It will adjust to your position as well as to increases and decreases in speed.

It is the coolest drone for photographers who love to shoot everywhere.


4.)CyPhy Drone 

The CyPhy LVL 1 drone lets absolutely anyone capture footage like never before.Its level up technology is the real breakthrough.By using six rotors, the drone can fly without tilting making it simple and intuitive enough for anyone to fly.

cool drones

Quick Features

  • Get a stable footage without an exposed gimbal
  • Its app is simple and accurate.
  • Share your videos to social network
  • Work on GeoFence Technology
  • Best for Industrial Applications

With the GeoFence Technology, you can define the area in which you want to fly.Your drone will stay within your boundaries of choice, allowing everyone from beginners to expert to practice their piloting skills to confidence.

5.) PlexiDrone 

This drone can snap together and take apart in less than one minute.And When you’re done, you just put it into your hard-shelled backpack, and take it anywhere that you want to go.You get a Plexipack with this which designed to carry everything you need to capture all your great shots that you want and carry it everywhere you go.

cool drones

Quick Features

  • Comes with PlexiBack
  • Has Retractable Landing Gear
  • Easily capture of 360 view

In this drone, GPS FollowMe is an amazing feature.All that you do is Press Follow Me.All that, you have to do is press Follow Me on your mobile device or tablet.

This drone support the Swarm technology which is completely new and you’ll not find it anywhere else.That means that you are able to view the same scene from multiple vantage points. You got the same shot with one user, but many drones.

There are many drones across the market such as DJI drones, Phantom drone which can controlled easily by remote control or by iOS or android app at low prices but here, I discussed only best drones or we can say cool drones.

So I hope you like the data about camera drones which I provided here .


  1. Carbon Flyer is one the best drone in the market. this is super fast and super advanced drone. This drone is made of carbon fiber. its range is 240 feet to control by our smartphone. awesome drone I ever saw.


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