Cut Proof Backpack Taboos You Should Break.


We have used backpacks in our daily life for many purposes and want that my backpack should be best among my colleagues, co-workers, classmates or anyone.But think, if you put a very important thing to your bag and it fell down due to a cut and you face a big complication then you would definitely think that you should choose a cut proof backpack. So here, I am going to talk about LOCKTOTE cut proof backpack which will make your backpacking easier than ever.

  • Lock Tote

cut proof backpackYour bag shouldn’t just carry your things, it also protects it too. This bag is the original theft-resistant drawstring backpack that allows you to live more and worry less. Simply lock the bag closed or to any secure object knowing your valuables are safe.


It is completely manufactured by a special type of fiber that cannot cut by any type of knife, it is also water resistance to any type of splash, you don’t need to worry about your important things, this is the bag which everyone wants. Elegant in its simplicity and unapologetic in its brutal effectiveness.

Sometimes you just need a safe place to put your personal items and valuables while you do something else. Our purpose for creating this bag really is that simple.

cut proof backpack

As RFID radio transmission technology is becoming increasingly widespread in passports, credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, key cards, and access control cards, the risks of “electronic pick-pocketing” (identity and personal data theft,  payment fraud, and unintentional contactless payment) are on the rise.

Without shielding, unauthorized parties can read the data stored on these items with the aid of a RFID reader, from a distance without any direct physical contact.

This cut proof backpack also had large RFID-blocking interior pocket protects your credit/debit / ATM cards & passport from unauthorized scanning and prevent your most valuable data from hacking by any person.

cut proof backpack

All you need to find a fixed object so that you can tie your bag to the object be worry free and do your work. It also has some more features additional.

  • Oversized swivel snap key clip keeps your keys secure and handy
  • Leather LOCTOTE™ badge doubles as a pocket to conveniently store your lock or ID
  • Heavy-duty UV resistant bonded polyester thread used throughout the bag ensures strength even after repeated use and prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Custom-made double-braided nylon yacht rope is flexible, strong, and pleasant to the touch
  • Multi-loop allows you to hang the bag on a hook, or secure the top opening extra tight
  • Micro-fleece lined interior pocket
  • Customizable 3-digit lock combination


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