How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux (Basically Ubuntu)?

dual boot windows 10 and linux

Computer Geeks or Tech Enthusiasts love Linux due to its availability easily. And if you are a Hacker (Either White Hat or Black Hat) then you definitely in love with Linux more than your GF. But as Old folks say You have to lose something to get something. Windows is the most popular Operating System in PC world and Nobody wants to lose the easy accessibility of Windows. So there is an option which is available on the web that is Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux on your PC. I am preferring Windows 10 here because it is the latest and most stable Windows by Microsoft.

Windows is popular from the 80s. It helped many ones in the personal field as well as in the professional field. But Now due to more Viruses and insecurity in Windows, Users are more likely to choose Linux for their PC but without losing Windows.

Before I tell you steps to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux, I want to tell you two things.

  • Why should you choose Linux?

  • Why can not you leave Windows 10?

Why should you choose Linux?

Everyone tells that Choose Linux, It is better than Windows. It will save your computer. The computer will be faster if you made this choice etc. But Make a decision on your own. Here I am giving you top reasons for Why Linux?

  1. The best thing about Linux is that it is Open Source. It is good and somehow bad also. The benefit of this is that you can add anything you want because it is Open Source. For Example: Let’s talk about Media Player that in Windows, We use Windows Media Player but In Linux, We can easily add any media player and modify it.

  2. Many UI available. There are many Linux Distros available on The Web. You can choose any of them. It is not like Windows that You have to choose the latest one due to unsupportability of old one in latest PC. If you want to know about Which Linux Distro is best then Read this post.

  3. It is FREE. All Linux Distros are free except Red Hat which is one of my favorite. You can use every functionality of Linux without paying a single Buck. Unlike to Windows that You have to download Pirate Windows to use it free and then forget about privacy.

  4. The best thing about Linux is that It is Secure. Maybe you heard the old Joke that “I laugh When Someone asks Which Antivirus are you using in Linux“. It is true that Linux is so secure that You don’t need an antivirus to prevent your data.

Let’s over it here Why Linux? You should know Why Windows, before proceeding Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux.

Why can not you leave Windows 10?

You have Read Why Linux? But Windows users are more than Linux. It doesn’t mean that they are dumb. Windows must have something which making their place in the market.

  1. The first one is simple that is Easy to use. Bill Gates is the richest person on the planet and he made Microsoft. He thinks about today’s generation who want Easy UI. This is the biggest Reason Users of Windows 10 increasing day by day.

  2. Easily Availability of Software. As Windows is mostly used OS that’s why Every type of Software is easily available for Windows. Unlike Linux, You don’t have to search too much.

  3. One-Click Installation. The thing which I hate in Linux is its process of Installation. We have to go through Command lines to install a single software. But in Windows, If you need a Software then Just Download and Install in One Click.

Now You got that Why Dual Boot Windows 10 a Linux is a must. If you have both of these OS in your system then you are King/Queen of OSs. So Without Wasting time Let’s know How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux?

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux?

First, for doing dual boot windows 10 and Linux you must install a program to run the system smoother while installing the Linux and windows. We are doing this in a Windows 10 installed computer. First, all you need is to take a System in which Widows 10 is installed then these steps will guide you to do the dual boot of Windows 10 and Linux.

In our case, we are taking Ubuntu as our Linux. 


  • Download the program named as Turn off fast startup. The link is here. The benefit of this program is that it will make your process smooth. This program is not needed if you want to save Internet Data.
  •  After downloading the file run this program as an administrator.
  • Next step is to download the Linux, in our case, this is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version. If you want to download this link is here.
  • After the download completes you need an another program to make a bootable USB drive for Linux installation. You can use Rufus for this. It is simple and clean to use. Download the latest version of this program. You can read this article to how to make a Bootable USB drive.
  • The final step in Windows is partitioning the drive to allow some space for the installation of the Linux. Go to the search of windows and type Disk Management there. And you can see this type of window open.

dual boot windows 10 and linux

  • And in this window, you can see your C drive and right click on it. Then you can see a Shrink Volume option in the drop-down menu.

dual boot windows 10 and linux

  • Then after this, you can choose what amount of space you want to give to the Linux and for this, you can use the calculator. This space is shown in MBs so we need to calculate the amount of GBs. In 1GB there is 1024MBs. Calculate your MBs and type it in “Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” section. In our case, we are taking 10GBs of space so we need to put 10,240MBs.

Then you can see you space section like this.

dual boot windows 10 and linux

  • Now Reboot your system to the BIOS settings and set USB as the first priority. Every motherboard has it own steps to go to the BIOS, you should Google it to check yours.

When you completed this step, you can see Ubuntu installation page like this.

dual boot windows 10 and linux

  • Before going further you need to check disc for defects. First, do this, then Go to Install Ubuntu.
  • Then you will see the simple steps to install the ubuntu, and after completing some of the steps you see this kind of window.

  • Then go with Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10, and do not tick Erase disk and install Ubuntu, it will erase all your files from PC.

All your work is complete just go with the next simple steps and you are done with the Dual Boot of Windows and Linux. When you next time opens you PC you will see the option to choose between Ubuntu and Windows 10.

If Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 is not showing

Alternative Way To Use Linux on your PC

If you want to use Ubuntu or any Linux or any OS in your PC without Dual Booting your PC. You can do this by the help of Virtual Box or VMWare. These are programs by which you can run any Operating System in your system without changing your current OS.

Direct Download Link of Virtual Box.

Direct Download Link of VMWare.

This is the better alternative of the Dual Boot of Windows and Linux. You all need to do some simple steps to start Virtual Box and VMWare.

You can check all their steps of installing any operating system on Youtube. By the way, the process of running Linux in VMs is similar to above process. If you had any doubt related to the steps you can ask them in the comment section down below.



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