Facebook hacking hoax is spreading worldwide.


A Facebook message is getting popular nowadays that Jayden K. Smith is trying to hack your Facebook account. Don’t accept his friend request otherwise, you will be hacked.

This message sounds weird and yes it is weird because it is a hoax. This message has reached many Facebook users in the US. It is mention on the message hoax that share this message to all your Facebook contacts for their safety.

This message is not true but it shows that knowledge related to privacy is zero among Facebook users. Nobody can hack you if you accept a person’s request.

Accepting a friend request does not provide anything private to that person. This message became popular because of two reason either people just want to create a hype or due to their zero privacy knowledge.

If you are really concerned about your privacy or issues related to hacking then you should read this article which saves you from black hat hackers. If you would get that message, please don’t spread it.



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