10 Jokes only programmers can understand.


A programmer’s life is full of tensions, bugs, code etc. They have very less time to watch a Comedy TV show. Today, I will show you 10 Jokes which only programmers can understand like a pro. So Let’s start.

1.) Why is the fucking error coming?

Many times programmer do mistakes in codes but the biggest and common mistake is of a semicolon. Why we forget it every time?

2.) We start counting from 0

Programmers start counting from 0 because We have to deal with arrays.

3.) Boolean is !bad

Playing with boolean is the funny part of life.

4.) There are two reasons for a programmer to leaving a job – A Raise and Arrays

5.) C# vs JAVA

6.) Playing with Bits and Bytes

7.) Running a race is Simple with a loop

8.) Vim Sucks

9.) We are in love with programming languages.

10.) Inheritance is important in every aspect of life

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