Game development vs Software development: Which is better?


This is the biggest question between the newbie programmers who don’t know in which field he/she should pursue the career. Today I will discuss about Game Development vs Software Development and which field is better for you with a Good career option.

What’s your idea?

Any career depends on your passion. If you have an idea of a game then you should think about game development, if you have an idea related to an app or a software then you should think about software development.

Which is easy?

It’s not all about the idea. It’s also about your ability. Game development is too difficult as compared to software development. I am a software developer also and in my opinion, for software development, you just need a logic, a little bit maths knowledge for Complex Softwares. But for game development there are many things apart from programming, you need a good imagination, more than average in math, good in geometry.

It’s not enough, it is only an overview of a development process. When you go in development then you have to fight with many problems in both software or game development. Now as the game developers need more ability that’s why fighting with problems are more in game development.

Can you do it alone?

“Yes” for some cases of software development but “No” for every case in game development. In game development, you can do imagination, geometry or programming part. But it is not enough for a game, at least for a good game. For a good game development, you need a good animator, you need a good background music developer. We don’t know the name behind GTA development but We know the name behind Facebook development.

Which is the best career option?

Which sounds good, Job in Google or Job in Gameloft? Definitely, job in Google is the dream of every programmer. You will be recognised in your circle if you are a developer in Google but you may be recognise if you are a developer in Gameloft. You will get a good paying job if You know software development rather than game development.

If it is all about your idea. If you just want to launch your game or app then success rate is more in game development because competition in this field is less in the game development field. It is very rare that your character, your missions or levels would be same in your competitor game developer but many things would be common in software development of you and your competitor.


I tried my best to solve your issue related to this. In my opinion, you just follow your passion. Don’t be get bother to get a job. If you follow your passion then you will definitely get a job or maybe you will give jobs to other person. Don’t think about your competitor, Don’t think about any problems. Just give your 100%.



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