How to develop an app without writing a single line of code?


Android development without coding is similar to food without salt. But as some people eat food without salt, similarly some people can make apps and earn money without a single line of code. Today we will discuss how to develop an app without coding.

You can’t make a complex app such as Amazon, Facebook without coding but you can make simple apps or an app for your small business without code. There are many services which help you to make simple mobile apps without any knowledge of programming.

How to develop an app without coding?

1.) Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a good service if you want to create an Android application in few minutes for your blog or small business. The user interface of Appy Pie is very understanding. It is specially designed for the people who want to create a simple app in a few minutes for their small business.

2.) Kinetise

This service is good for those who want to customize their apps very much. You can add pages to your app to make it more complex. This service has 3 features which include app from scratch, the app from some themes and app from some templates. Customizing an app using kinetise is too easy as there is each and every option available for you to place an element in your app.

3.) Bubble

This is the most popular service to build an app without code. There are uncountable reasons for which people are using this service very much. I discussed two apps above in which you can build simple and little bit Complex app but Bubble service is outstanding as you can create your own Logic to perform some functions in your app without writing code.

Customization is similar to above apps but the best feature in the Bubble is that you can create your own logic such as if-else syntax in the programming language.  In if-else syntax, if user press ‘X’ button in ‘Y’ condition then do ‘A’ otherwise do ‘B’.

4.) Pixate

If you are already a developer or want to hire a developer to create a particular type of your prototype then you should use Pixate before developing or hiring a developer for your app. This service is used by developers to test their prototype before any launch of app without writing a single line of code

These are the best ways if you are looking for the answer of how to develop an app without writing a single line of code.

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