How to update Safari on Mac? 4 steps.


Safari is the trusted browser which you get in your Macintosh.But Apple is the brand which updates its products frequently.And after getting an update user always thinks How to update? So Get your answer here,How to update Safari ? 

Apple releases new Safari to remove old bugs,to improve performance and offer new features.There is a difference between Safari update from the phone and from the desktop. You can easily download Safari in the desktop without updating OS while in the phone you have to update OS for Safari update.

The following steps are useful if you have updated MacOS. If not then Click here.

Step 1: Read this to know Why you should opt Safari browser for default and How it is better than other browsers.If you know then continue with your question How to update Safari?

how to update safari
Step 2: For Download latest Safari Click here and Browse between product by arrow keys.

how to update safari

Step 3: Click on Safari icon.

Step 4: Click on Download below the latest version of Safari and Here you go.You got your answer of How to update Safari?


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