InkJet vs Laser Printer.Which is best for you in daily use?

    inkjet vs laser printer

    These days, Printers are the basic need in the household.You can do professional works of printing at home if you have a printer in the household.But the first question hits up the mind of a buyer is that Which printer is suitable for him? InkJet or Laser.So Let’s solve your problem of InkJet vs Laser Printer.

    This question doesn’t have a fixed answer.It depends on What to Print?, How Much to print?, What is your budget? etc.But if you read this post then you can make a decision on printers and get the answer of InkJet vs Laser Printer.

    InkJet vs Laser printer

    Functionality of Inkjet Printer

    In Inkjet Printer, the name itself defines that this printer is based on ejecting of ink during printing.

    In this printer, We use Cartridges or some printers use Ink tanks.Through Pipes or tubes, this ink flows and come out from Nozzle and you get your printing.

    inkjet vs laser printer

    Functionality of Laser Printer

    Laser Printer is mostly like a Photocopier machine.In Laser Printer, We use of Dry Toner which is available in Powder form.

    Laser Printer repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged cylinder called a “drum” to define a differentially charged image.

    inkjet vs laser printer

    Pros And Cons

    Pros of Inkjet Printer

    • Installation cost and buying cost are low.
    • Printing of Photos is too good in Inkjet printer because as we are using liquid ink that’s why blending of ink is so easy on any sheet of paper.
    • You can get the quality of printing on any type of paper either it is a glossy sheet, normal paper or a sticker.The reason for this also is liquid ink.
    • It is portable.

    Cons of Inkjet Printer

    • You have to spend more for the long run of Printers.
    • The speed of Printing is not so good.
    • If you don’t use printer frequently then Cartridges will get dry.

    Pros of Laser Printer

    • Printing is so fast.
    • Initial cost is high but printing cost is too low.
    • This is best if you want to print Text on paper.

    Cons of Laser Printer

    Basically, The pros of Inkjet Printer are the cons of Laser Printer but Let me arrange it for you.

    • The printer size is bulky.
    • It takes extra time at starting for warm up.
    • Photos printing is no so good.

    Which suits you better?

    I’ll be going to answer it very simply.If you want to buy a new printer for the home in which you want to print 10-15 pages daily which have texts or images then Buy an Inkjet Printer.

    But if you want to print text only and want to print it in bulk.Then Choose Laser Printer.

    That’s All.Now It’s up to you.Choose best.

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