Top 3 Music Player apps to convert your Android into Music Box.

music player apps

Boredom is the phase of a day which comes.When you are bored, Music is the best source to kick out your boredom.If you have the best music player apps in your Android device, then you can easily throw your boredom.

Here I am going to tell you about some of the best music players available for android from Play Store.

Many Music Players are available on Google Play, Some have a bad design, some have difficult UI and some have flaws but we include best 3 music player apps which are available on google play at free of cost.

Best Music Player Apps

  1. The first one is actually my favorite which is Phonograph. It has an incredible material and it is free as I said.

    • You will get guidelines at the starting of the app to make the user comfortable.

    • You can customize the UI of the app as your comfort.It has 2-3 themes inbuilt in the settings.

    • It is a beautiful looking Music player app.

 Play Store Link: Phonograph Music Player Appmusic player apps

  1. Now It is the turn for Shuttle which has more downloads than Phonograph.

    • Its prime key is Simplicity.This app is so simple that a untechy person can also use it easily.

    • It has awesome options like Lyrics of Song etc

    • Reviewers said that it has the best equalizer for music.

 Play Store Link: Shuttle Music Player Appmusic player apps

  1. This app is definitely identical to you.This is none other than Google Play Music.In my opinion, it is still one of the best Music player available in Android.

    • It is pre-installed in an Android Device.

    • It is integrated with your Google Now.

    • Online Cloud is available but it is paid.

    • Simple and Understanding UI.

Play Store Link: Google Play Music App

music player apps

So Did You Make your Choice?

I have provided the best apps in music player category.There are many apps available on Play store but I like these 3 ones due to their easy accessibility.

But You can’t keep 3 Music players at a time.So I would prefer you to each one and get the results ownself.

You have Android, You have Play store, You have written this article.So WTF are you waiting for? Use Best Music Player App.


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  2. We live in an age where we don’t have without music to listen to it for free. If you want to get it the best free music player apps then we have to make a list in which you can find out your best music app.


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